WhatsApp: how will the update of its privacy policy go?

The new privacy policy had caused a stir, even causing the exodus of users to competing applications such as Signal or Telegram. Wanting to stop the bleeding, WhatsApp finally decided to postpone the mandatory update for 3 months. Today, Facebook messaging tells us how it’s going to go.

WhatsApp had to correct the situation after the huge miscommunication of last January. The messenger even recognized it and made its mea culpa: ‘We know there has been confusion and misinformation about this update, and we want to help everyone understand our principles and facts. We thought about what we could have done differently about this situation. We want everyone to be aware of our history of defending end-to-end encryption, and aware of our commitment to protecting the privacy and security of our users. ‘

Sure his blog, WhatsApp dots the i’s:

  • ‘Personal messages will always be end-to-end encrypted. Thus, WhatsApp cannot read or listen to them. ‘
  • The update will still be mandatory to continue using WhatsApp, but the app will display a ‘in the coming weeks’ banner that will explain in detail what this update means.
  • WhatsApp explains that this update is just one step in connecting businesses with users. ‘The use of which remains entirely optional.’
  • WhatsApp recalls that its messaging is completely free and why our information will be shared: ‘It is to companies that we charge for providing customer service on WhatsApp, not to individuals. Some shopping features involve Facebook, so businesses can manage their inventory through apps. We are posting more information about this directly within WhatsApp so that users can choose whether they want to start the conversation with a business or not. ‘

Tackle the competition

  • Last but not least, messaging takes the opportunity to tackle its competitors: ‘We noticed that some of our competitors claimed not to be able to see their users’ messages; If an app doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption by default, your messages are visible. Other apps claim to be superior because they have access to even less information than WhatsApp. We believe that people are looking for applications that are both reliable and secure, even if this requires WhatsApp to have certain data in limited quantities. ‘

The new privacy policy initially scheduled for February 8 will come into effect on May 15. As a reminder, this update will link your personal information with Facebook. As is already the case with Instagram for example. Until then, pay attention to the banners the app will display, and don’t forget to read them.

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