WhatsApp introduces new feature for iPhone users

2023-05-31 22:40:26

Currently, technology is in the hands of all human beings, which is why it is very common to see people use various applications and digital platforms to stay in communication.

WhatsApp is one of these digital tools and it is that the instant messaging platform is one of the most downloaded and used in the world, which makes it one of the most functional and attractive for its users.

However, users of different operating systems share functions within this same app. However, this Wednesday, May 31, it was learned that WhatsApp is implementing the so-called ‘companion mode’ on iOS phones, which allows two mobile phones to be linked so that the same account can be used on both devices simultaneously.

It should be remembered that the instant messaging platform launched this function since November last year, although it was initially only available to a limited number of beta testers, as the feature was still in development.

In this same sense, this function is known in the digital ecosystem it is ‘companion mode’ and it arrived at the beginning of April on Androidso that some users who had downloaded the latest update of the application for this operating system could access it, in order to use WhatsApp on two phones at the same time.

In addition, Once the account is linked to the secondary device, you can access the chats and send and receive messages without having to keep the device connected to the Internet. smartphone principal. Likewise, the chat history is automatically synchronized, maintaining the usual end-to-end encryption system (E2EE, for its acronym in English).

This version indicates some changes implemented, such as a GIF autoplay function, as well as the option for users to link their devices to an existing account, for which it will be necessary to scan the QR code, that is, the same procedure than in Android terminals.

For its part, and as in Android phones —with which synchronization with an iPhone is also supported, as it has qualified on Twitter—, there are features not yet available, such as the ability to manage broadcast lists and post status updates from the paired device.

This is the novelty with which WhatsApp wants to promote the use of video calls

On the afternoon of Monday, May 29, it was learned that WhatsApp has implemented a new function for video calls in the latest Android beta version, which allows users to share their screen with other participants during a call to be able to or display information or content with your contacts at that time.

The instant messaging platform continues to add improvements to its app with the aim of offering improvements in video calls. This, in particular, is already used on other platforms that allow this type of communication, such as Discord and Skype.

In order to start sharing the screen, the social network has introduced a new icon with the silhouette of a screen, which is located among the options that are displayed at the bottom of the screen during the video call.

When the user decides to share the screen, they only have to press said icon and everything that is displayed on their screen will begin to be recorded and shared with the users who are participating in the video call.

This portal has indicated that the possibility ofe screen sharing can only be carried out if the user consents to WhatsApp proceed to record the screen, so that the platform will send a notification indicating so.

*With information from Europa Press.

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