Whatsapp stickers: Simply download and create yourself

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Whatsapp sticker: This is how you bring momentum and a good mood to lame chats

Hundreds of packages with WhatsApp stickers on various topics are circulating around the world. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can easily create your own stickers.

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In the 2020s stickers are only rarely stuck on – they are sent out. And via Whatsapp. You can find out where the emoji upgrade is available and how you can create the small images yourself here.

Smileys were yesterday. Whatsapp users who want to inform friends and acquaintances about their current state of mind via smartphone or who simply want to say “hello” no longer rely on the little yellow buttons with tears in their eyes or party hats on their heads. Whatsapp stickers are the new trend in school playgrounds and in thousands of Whatsapp groups. In this article you will find out how to load individual Digi-Stickers onto your smartphone, how to save and send the pictures and how creative minds can become sticker designers themselves.

Whatsapp stickers: the fastest way to get on your smartphone

In contrast to the countless smileys and emojis that romp around on millions of smartphones and are still eagerly sent, the so-called stickers are significantly larger and more detailed. In addition, the selection is many times larger. And so smartphone users with Android and iOS can access the various WhatsApp sticker packages in no time at all.

Find and download WhatsApp stickers with iOS

  1. Open Whatsapp chat and click on the Icon at the end of the text entry field tap
  2. Now tap the circled one “Plus” under the microphone icon. One appears Overview all available (and new) Whatsapp sticker packs.
  3. Tap on the far right Download icon (down arrow) next to the package you have chosen
  4. Whatsapp marks downloaded packages with a blue check mark
  5. Danger! Unlike emojis, a sticker is used at the first click to the contact (s) in the current chat sent

Load WhatsApp stickers with Android

  1. Open WhatsApp individual or group chat, Show keyboard
  2. on the Smiley-Icon to the left of the text entry field tap
  3. Tap the sticker symbol below (to the right of GIF) and select the sticker you want
  4. OR: Select the plus iconto view more sticker packs
  5. Download arrow (right) Tap to load the sticker pack onto your smartphone

Save received Whatsapp stickers

No matter whether iOS or Android: Stickers that you receive from friends or acquaintances can easily be saved on your own smartphone and then accessed and sent at any time. To do this, iPhone users touch the sticker of their choice, hold their finger down for a few moments and then tap on the “Mark with a star” option. The sticker can now be called up and sent via the star symbol under the text input field of a chat.

Whatsapp stickers can be saved in a very similar way on devices with Android operating systems. Just click on the sticker of your choice in the corresponding chat. Then select the option “Add to favorites”. The image is now permanently saved on the smartphone and – provided that it is backed up regularly – it is automatically transferred to subsequent devices.

Create Whatsapp stickers yourself

With a little skill and a few basic graphic knowledge, Whatsapp stickers can also be created on your own laptop or PC. According to Whatsapp, you do not need any prior coding knowledge. Self-created stickers must meet the following requirements for WhatsApp chats:

  1. Each sticker must have a transparent background.
  2. The stickers must be exactly 512 by 512 pixels.
  3. A sticker may not exceed a file size of 100 KB

Whatsapp also recommends that hobby graphic designers outline their own stickers with an 8-pixel line. A margin of 16 pixels should be maintained between the sticker image and the pixel area (512×512 px). In addition, an icon must be created that will later be displayed in the Whatsapp sticker toolbar, i.e. superordinate. This symbol can be a maximum of 96 by 96 pixels and 50 KB in size.

In order to upload the sticker (s) to Whatsapp, Android users must visit the Google Play Store. More than 230,000 users have already downloaded the free “Sticker Studio” app onto their smartphones. Apple users can find the “Sticker Studio” in the App Store. The rest is easy to tell and works identically for both operating systems. The basis for the personal stickers are pictures from your own gallery. These can be loaded into the app and then trimmed and labeled with your finger according to the specifications. Then assign a sticker theme package – done.

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