WhatsApp wants to bring one of its most applauded functions to audio messages

Soon we will also be able to vary the playback speed of any transferred voice memo, some generic audio files that we can listen to much faster if we wish.

Voicemail messages are one of the most recently used features in WhatsApp, a form of communication that allows us to express any concerns with our voice without having to bother to write a paragraph of text, which is not sometimes not possible because we find ourselves, for example, in the street.

This year we have seen how WhatsApp has put a lot of emphasis on the issue of voice notes allowing us to vary their speed in case we want to transmit several of those voice notes quickly instead of having to bother listening to them at normal speed. .

The problem is that these voice notes, when we transmit them, they have been transformed into a generic audio file and no longer have the right to change the speed.

Well, according to wabetainfo reports, the ability to also vary the speed of those transferred voice notes which are turned into generic audio messages is currently being tested in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS and Android.

This will be especially interesting if we want to share a voice note with our contacts, as they will no longer need to listen to it at normal speed, as they can also vary the playback speed.

Now that Christmas is approaching, there will be many congratulations through voice notes that will be shared between family and friends.

In any case, we don’t know if this new WhatsApp feature will finally arrive before the Christmas holidays because at the moment it is being tested in beta and considering that the Meta app is quite slow when launching new features. , we shouldn’t be surprised that the feature won’t be available until early 2022.

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