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This beginning of the year, WhatsApp users have begun to receive a notification with the changes that as of next February 8 will have the terms of service and security policies. A fact that has generated multiple criticisms in social networks and serious questions about the amount of data that the application collects.

This has even triggered the download figures of the app have decreased by up to 11 percent in the first days of January, according to the specialized Sensor Tower platform, and that other messaging platforms have gained thousands of new users.

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The main change that is recorded in this update is that WhatsApp notifies its users that all the information they store will now also be available to the companies that belong to Facebook, which in this case are the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, it has generated greater awareness in people about the amount of metadata that the platform collects, which ranges from the phone number, list of contacts, location, how to interact within the app, between what is contemplated the time, the frequency and the duration of the communications that are had.

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As well as the IP of the connection, what is the model of the device from which the person connects, its battery level, the time zone, among others. In addition to this, it saves the information of transactions and payments, in the case of countries that already have this function activated. In this, Get details of the payment method, shipping details and the purchase amount.

This behavior has been carried out for many years, different is the topic that they are telling us so far that it will be shared with Facebook companies

The computer security expert and director of Adalid, Axel Díaz, that this is not new, since the application has always collected this type of information and has it contemplated within its privacy policies.

“This behavior has been carried out for many years, different is the issue that they are telling us so far that will be shared with Facebook companies. What this change has done is that people are more aware of how much data they are having access“, Says Díaz.

It is worth clarifying that the messages that the person makes and receives have end-to-end encryption, which means that the company does not access them, nor are they stored on its servers, but only on the user’s device.
The company said they have no plans to incorporate advertising into the platform. “This means that it will not include banners or advertising-type messages within the application,” says Díaz.

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But the controversy lies in the fact that although advertising will not be used within WhatsApp, the expert points out, user data will be available to other companies, which, as is known, do have advertising systems, so the collected data could serve this purpose.

Likewise, it puts on the table the importance of people reading more carefully the terms and conditions of the applications they use, since the fact that it is free, most likelyDiaz highlights, is that the user pays for the service with their information.

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