WhatsApp will change in 2021 and these are the modifications

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This application is part of our life. And now you will face new challenges.

The star app for messaging, WhatsApp, property of Facebook, included more and more functionalities in 2020 and new features are expected in 2021.

Since it was released almost 12 years It has had a series of updates that have received all kinds of comments, some better received than others, such as stickers and stories.

By 2021, more tools are expected to improve the user experience.

Holiday mode

Technology has become not only indispensable, but part fundamental from work, especially now that it is at a distance. However, the abuse of hyperconnection it can cause stress and anxiety. To help in this matter, WhatsApp works in a “vacation mode” that will temporarily archive conversations and groups so that they are muted and not show notifications.


It has been commented that the conditions of service will be adjusted, which will include the addition of internal ads, which will be displayed at the top of the conversation list. This change will be reflected from February 2021.

Ephemeral messages, videos and photos

WhatsApp is designing a new function, already available in beta, that will allow the user to destroy videos, photos and GIFS in a chat after seven days having sent them, something very useful to reduce the memory space of the smartphone and for which they are very jealous of their privacy. Videos can also be sent without sound, which will help reduce file weight.

WhatsApp on various devices

A very useful addition for people who work with the same account will be the login to a maximum of four devices, What is not yet known is whether it will be possible on tablets. According to the specialized portal WABetaInfo, this tool is already in testing.

Video calls on the computer

At last! Thanks to the pandemic, there has been an exponential growth in video calling services. Facebook bet on this tool with Messenger Rooms, where you can make video calls with up to 50 participants through WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger. Now WhatsApp works in a video call or just calls through the version for computer, and according WABetaInfo it is already in beta.

New terms of use

The app will update its terms of use on February 8, according to WABetaInfo. It is not known what they will include, but the news will focus on explaining how the application in process user data and how companies can use Facebook services to store and manage WhatsApp conversations. What is known is that in order to continue using the application, it will be mandatory to accept the new terms.

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