When and how to see the Meteor Shower from Halley’s Comet – Viva la radio

October and November coincide with Orionid Meteor Shower, this astronomical phenomenon that it will peak between November 20 and 22 and can be seen throughout the southern hemisphere.

The Earth travels through an area of ​​space filled with debris from Halley’s Comet and therefore, from October 2 to November 7, it can be seen. However, the Orionids will have their splendor on the night of October 20-21, and October 21-22.

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The director of Astronomical Observatory Mirador del Cielo de Villa de Merlo in San Luis, Conrado Kurtz, explained that there are some nights in which the shooting stars can be better appreciated at a general level.

“As a comet approaches the sun, the light turns the ice on the surface into gas. Those dust particles that were attached to the ice break off and form the tails of comets, “he told Chain 3.

These particles then follow the comet’s orbit, which is like a path strewn with particles, and the shower of shooting stars are dust particles that come off the famous Halley’s Comet.

“In case the comet crosses the Earth’s orbit, when the Earth passes through that sector it sweeps away the particles and produces this phenomenon,” added Kurtz.

Recommended to observe the phenomenon the furthest from city light pollution, since this way you will be able to see between 15 and 20 shooting stars per hour after midnight.

“I also suggest lying on a deck chair to stare and enjoy the sky,” concluded the specialist.

Alejandro Heredia’s report.


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