When can a VPO be sold?

Official protection housing (VPO) are properties that have obtained some help or subsidy from the public administrations for their construction and commercialization. In return, these homes are sold or rented under more favorable conditions than those that have not obtained these grants. The objective of this favorable treatment is to allow people with fewer resources to also have access to a home, which in this case must be intended for habitual and permanent residence, have a maximum sale or rental price and have a maximum useful area of 90 square meters. Each autonomous community determines what is the maximum income from which a person cannot access this type of housing.

The disqualification of an officially protected home occurs automatically after 10 to 30 years, depending on the regulations of each Autonomous Community. However, the owners of a protected home may request the voluntary disqualification of the property after the period established by the Housing Plan to which it is hosted. This is an essential procedure to be able to convert it into a “free home”, since it cancels the limitations to which the power to freely dispose of it is subject, due to the fact that it has received public aid.

Repayment of aid

To do this, it is necessary to go to the CC. AA. where the home is qualified, since the regional administrations are competent to initiate and resolve this procedure. To obtain disqualification, once the request for disqualification by the CC. AA. corresponding and accepted the reasons, the holders must return the public aid received from both the General Administration of the State, as well as the Autonomous Communities and municipalities. In addition, they will have to return the corresponding legal interest (calculated from the moment of receipt of the aid).

In the case of properties encumbered with a mortgage in favor of the State, as a result of the loans or grants granted, prior to the 1981-83 Housing Plan, their owners may request the cancellation of the mortgage charge constituted as a guarantee of the return of loans granted by the State (National Institute of Housing, Institute for Public Promotion of Housing or Ministry of Public Works and Urbanism). In this case, the request must be made to Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, while the subsequent presentation can be made in any administrative body that belongs to the General Administration of the State or the Administration of the Autonomous Communities, as well as in Post Offices.

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The Ministry does not authorize the cancellation of the mortgage as long as the amount pending amortization has not been paid. For this reason, the application form includes a section in which, if there is a pending debt, it is requested that the corresponding settlement be carried out.

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