When can we really release the pressure in Belgium? Jan Jambon mentions an important condition

While hairdressing salons will be able to reopen their doors from February 13, the Horeca sector must still be patient. In any case, the Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke made it clear that bars and restaurants would not welcome no customers before March 1st. An opinion shared by Jan Jambon (N-VA). “We can not say that the decline in the figures of the coronavirus continues completely”, expressed the Flemish Minister-President in De Zevende Dag on the VRT this Sunday.

For him, even March 1 is a date “which arrives very quickly” and he recalled that the Concertation Committee would examine “the gradual restart” of the other sectors at its next meeting. “It may offer some perspective. But as long as these numbers hold at current levels, it is not enough for easing.”

When will there be broader easing? When people at risk will be vaccinated

Jan Jambon prefers not to focus on a particular date regarding the full reopening of all sectors still blocked by the health crisis. “For me, the important point is when we will have vaccinated all people over 65 and all younger people with chronic illnesses. These are the groups that most easily end up in the hospital. once that gets under control I think we should be able to relax, “he said.

“Everyone wants to go faster. But nobody wants this third wave,” added the Minister-President, who absolutely does not want the rules to be relaxed too quickly and then be forced to reverse our steps if the situation deteriorates. “I understand the frustrations this entails […] But having to come back to more difficult constraints than today is the last thing we want “.

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