When Depardieu is no longer an actor

« J’I decided a long time ago not to play anymore, not to be an actor anymore. The actors are stupid! At the other end of the telephone, Gérard Depardieu is amused by this paradox which is not new. One day, on a whim, he said he had had enough of making films, of all this merry-go-round, as if satiated by a job without pleasure, without challenge, without risk. No doubt he secretly guessed that he would quickly be overtaken by a form of uncontrollable recidivism: the gambling virus and the taste of others. The proof is that he is still there. A choice, not a figure of speech. The directors continue to argue over him and he goes on to do what he does best, Depardieu, between pleasure and abandon. “It has never been so true, so fair, so good for years”, cowardly…

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