When French is no longer diversity

I knew the time when a global battle was waged to preserve cultural diversity. Fearing that the globalization of trade will lead to strengthening the cultural hegemony of the United States, several countries have developed mechanisms to protect the diversity of cultures and languages.

Leaders everywhere signed a convention on cultural diversity in the early 2000s. No, not all cinema in the world was to be American and in English. No, all the music in the world didn’t have to be American and in English. Culture should express the plurality of identities.

Quebec was particularly active in this movement. Of course, Hungarians and Finns are concerned about protecting their culture, but they do so on a continent where languages ​​and cultures are multiple. In the case of Quebec, the threat is more obvious: six million Francophones surrounded.

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strong movement

The Government of Quebec, like our artistic community, saw in a broad agreement on cultural diversity the opportunity to be less isolated. Maintaining a culture that is expressed in French in Quebec was now part of the global goal of cultural diversity.

It was clear at the time that, due to the strength of numbers and the power of the United States, English was becoming an all-powerful language. English was becoming the language of globalization, taking on imperial status on the planet.

In Quebec, left-wing movements have played a leadership role for cultural diversity. More critical of globalization, the left warned against the imperialism of the English language. She called on our elected officials to take an interest in cultural diversity and to join forces with other nations that valued it.

I lack words to describe the spin that took place in the left movements. The woke current turned everything upside down. The defense of French no longer seems to fit into a laudable effort to avoid the hegemony of a single language and a single culture.

Welcome to 2022

Here’s what’s happening in 2022.

When the government of Quebec tries to ensure the survival of French by establishing that newcomers will have to function in French, it is French that becomes the language of imperialism. It is French that becomes this hegemonic language that is imposed by force on poor minorities. The Canadian left denounces!

On the other hand, when the federal government appoints its officers of full age, the obligation to speak French becomes a hindrance. The Trudeau government has decided to override French proficiency when appointing the Governor General.

Mary Simon is of aboriginal background, that’s the kind of diversity Canada wants. She doesn’t speak French, too bad. In English Canada, we dream of many other people from diversity who do not speak French. If we refuse to name them for this reason, what a setback!

In both examples, the new Canadian conclusion is: French is the enemy of diversity!

The world upside down.

Welcome to Canada version 2022.

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