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Recently I saw a recent picture of Roberto Baggio. So: it was written down, the person in the picture should be Roberto Baggio. He was not recognizable. A gray-haired, slightly puffed-up man with thick dark circles that barely left his eyes. That should not sound disrespectful. I can not rule out that I too will look like this when I'm 52 years old. But I'm mortal, not Roberto Baggio. I thought.

"Il Divin CodinoAnd they who were football-socialized in the 90s, like me, know why.looking at you, Berti Vogts). He was tender and daring at the same time, witty and dangerous. Even that he missed the decisive penalty in the World Cup final in 1994, matched the Italian. Baggio was a Buddhist, and suffering is central to this belief.

So now this picture and the terrible realization of how transient everything is. It is often said that as children grow older, one realizes how time passes. There may be something in it. But above all, you can tell it to older becoming football stars.

Bad enough to get you to an age when almost all football professionals are younger than you are (except for Claudio Pizarro, who deserves a big thank you), a moment when you finally realize that it's nothing more becomes with the own professional career. No, the heroes of childhood and youth slowly wither away as dramatically as if they wanted to shout: Even your good years are over! Not for long! It's your turn, Christian!

But please google yourself. Roberto Carlos is hardly recognizable, Davor Šuker also not. Andi Brehme has risen, Ronaldo hardly fits in a football shirt (not Cristiano, but the one from Brazil, to say that is also a sign that you have grown old). Bebeto, on the other hand, has become even thinner, the purse of his cosmetic surgeons sure thicker. Christo Stoichkow acts like a successful used car dealer, Gheorghe Haghi like an unsuccessful one. Thomas Häßler ate animals in a jungle camp, Jürgen Kohler at least wears fashionable glasses.

That can not be, you think. Just now the feisty and / or bald men ran like pure life across the square, bursting with strength and vitality and now that. True heroes are not aging. Like Asterix and Obelix. Batman. Peppa Wutz.

Even those who have aged well can cause frustration. Romário is now one of the most popular politicians in Brazil. George Weah, even President of Liberia. And Paolo Maldini still gazes out of his deep blue eyes, only he has cut off his hair. Scorers who become presidents, and long-haired defenders who were at the barber – how much time has it passed?

And even if no one can imagine that it also hits the next generation, Lionel Messi gets a double chin, Cristiano Ronaldo an onepack and Robert Lewandowski a bald head. That's exactly how it will come. Age does not stop at superstars. No one. Maybe a calming thought.

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