“When Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons had shooters around, it was crazy how good these lineups were”

Recently arrived at the head of the Sixers, we were impatiently awaiting the first moves of Daryl Morey. They arrived yesterday with the trade ofAl Horford to the Thunder to get rid of his contract and recover Danny Green, which will bring shoot and defense. Then he also got another high quality shooter: Seth Curry (in exchange in particular for Josh Richardson).

What better to surround Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to bring a little more spacing.

“When Joel and Ben had shooters around (2017-18), it was crazy how good those lineups were and how these teams played. My analyzes are pretty bad in general, but when you have a 1,200 minute sample of lineups that are showing a historically good level of spreading, it was obvious that was the direction to roster. We got Seth back and we can say he’s arguably the best NBA shooter. ” Daryl morey

Morey and Doc Rivers already seem happy with their workforce even before the start of the free agency


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