when the bellies of Vendée Globe sailors cry out for famine

STORY – Between leaden delay or miscalculations, some sailors have experienced in the past big problems related to a lack of food on the round the world trip.

«I couldn’t stand up anymore“. Marked for life by his victory in the Vendée Globe four years ago, Armel Le Cléac’h will also forever remember his first arrival at Les Sables d’Olonne in 2009. After 89 days of racing, Michel Desjoyeaux’s runner-up had dismounted in a sorry state. “First of all, I held to the mind, caught in the whirlwind of arrival and emotions. But in the hours that followed I fell apart», Remembers the sailor for Le Figaro. The reason for this advanced state of fatigue? The end of a world tour as long as a day without bread. Literally.

I had underestimated the calorie needs in the great South

Armel Le Cleac’h

«Arrived at the equator, I realized that I would not have enough food to finish. I had almost nothing to eat for the last week. I am done with the survival rations», Says Le Cléac’h, responsible in spite of himself for his shortage. “It was my first Vendée Globe, prepared with a small structure. I took care of the bunkering myself, choosing the

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