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When I was in 7th grade, a new Malayalam teacher came to the school – Narayanan Mash. Innocent was mischievous as usual in his class too. The children laughed. Mash called closer with the cane. At the point where Mash was about to strike, Mash threw away the cane and put his hand on Innocent’s shoulder and said, ‘Innocent, it is not right for me to beat you. It is said that hitting adults is a sin. Did you go to any movie…’

Mash said it sarcastically, but Innocent was happy to hear the secret desire of his heart from someone else.

He first told his father that he wanted to become an actor. Father was very happy. The father tried to get his son to participate in school plays. Mohan and Innocent, who later became famous as film directors, were schoolmates in Iringalakuda Boys High School. The dancer who was in Iringalakuda at that time acted as Innocent Nero as Emperor and Mohan as Pilatus in Paramashiva’s historical dramas. Dad saw it and clapped his hands. When he goes to the meeting of the Communist Party at night, the father takes Innocent with him. After the meeting, there is KPAC drama.

On his way back from Sivakasi for the purpose of the match company, Innocent once reached Madras and met with the film lover there. Innocent also shot at Uma Lodge, a regular base for filmmakers in Kodambakkam. Rent is thirty rupees per month. Actor Vincent, singer Ayirur Sadashivan, friend Mohan who is studying directing, theater actor George Mathassery, Thodupuzha Radhakrishnan and many other Malayalees in the next rooms.

Those were the days of complete starvation. All it took was a Terylene shirt and a double turban to keep it looking neat. It will be four to five kilometers from Liberty to Ashoka Nagar. If you have 15 paise, you can go by bus. no money That is the way. It was during that walk that David met Kachapilly.

Innocent made his screen debut in ‘Nrithasala’ directed by AB Raj and released on September 9, 1972. Annu Mohan is the co-director of AB Raj. Innocent was working as an assistant to the production manager hoping to get an opportunity to act. Produced by Sobhana Parameswaran Nair, the film featured Premnaseer, Jayabharathi and Adoorbhasi as the main stars. Then he got a few small roles in films like ‘Urvasibharati’, ‘Jesus’ and ‘Nell’. In ‘Jesus’, he played the bearded old Rajaguru. KP Ummer as King Herod, Salomi as a dancer in the Durbar Hall, Jayalalithaa, the later Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu! He was paid fifteen rupees for acting in Jesus.

She got an opportunity to act in Ramukaryat’s film ‘Nell’ on the recommendation of Sobhana Parameswaran Nair. The shooting was in Tirunelli. 1,500 Remuneration of Rs. After wandering around for a while, I got baby roles in some movies. Some passing shots of the tea-bringer and the servant. Still, the film actor went home after many months. Appan asked: ‘Is Innasan’s tea and coffee only in the movie? Or is this your job there? If it is not fulfilled, don’t come here and starve.’

Innocent came back to Madras after realizing with sadness that all the servant roles he had played in the film had brought shame to his college-going sister and relatives. But again the roles are the same. In 1978, the world started to know the actor named Innocent with the role of Peon in the movie ‘Randu Nagarishkal’ directed by Mohan. Still not green.

In 1985, the owner of Century Films, Kochumon, called when all the art programs in Madras collapsed and he was packing things to return home. To act in two scenes in a film directed by Sethumadhavan. Mammootty and Mohanlal’s movie is ‘Avidudut Kalole Here.’ Innocent recalled that even though the film was a financial failure, many people said that he could act after watching the film. Later, Innocent came to know that scriptwriter John Paul and Mammootty were the reason for him to play that role. It was his closeness with actor Srinivasan that led to Priyadarshan and thus to the movie ‘Punnaram Chollichholli’. In 1989, he won the state award for the second best actor for his performance in the film ‘Mazhavilkavadi’. ‘Ramji Rao Speaking’, which was released in the same year, changed the title. And there was no looking back.

In 1973, Innocent acted in three films. The mid eighties got a handful of movies. After 1980, there were less years when Innocent did not act.

Many characters like Mannar Mathai in Ramjirao Speaking, Kannas in Kabuliwala, Kittunni in Kilukum, Warrior in Devasuram, Swaminathan in Godfather and many others became memorable in Innocent. Comedy and character actor roles as well as villainous roles suited his talent. In his autobiographical book ‘Chiriku Pinil’ about the time of the release of the movie ‘Ramji Rao Speaking’, Innocent wrote:

‘Me, Alice and Mon also went to the cinema in Thrissur. People are laughing out of their seats watching the movie. Amidst the waves of laughter, there was only one person who was not laughing – me. Instead of laughing, tears kept flowing from my eyes. This is why, O God, I wandered for so long, starved, ridiculed, hid without clothes, and reached the brink of insanity… Then I sat in that darkness, amid laughter and laughter, and wept. But during the celebration, no one saw it.

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