When ‘vitamin D deficiency’ ‧ ‘lack of exercise’, immunity decreases

[의학신문·일간보사=이상만 기자] Life Center Chaum(Director Lee Dong-mo) A team led by Professor Su-yeon Oh of the Immune Enhancement Clinic and Professor Choi Sang-woon of the Clinical Genome CentervitaminD lack ofclasslack of exercisethis NKIt was found that it affects the cell activity.

This study was the first in the world to NKDifferences in cell activity, vitaminDand exercise NKIt is meaningful in that it revealed the effect on cell activity.

<br />” src=”https://cdn.bosa.co.kr/news/photo/202107/2155511_187177_33.jpg”/><figcaption>Chaum Immune Enhancement Clinic Professor Oh Su-yeon, Clinical Gene Center Professor Choi Sang-woon</figcaption></figure>
<p>prolonged corona virus<span lang=19 Immunity management has become a part of daily life due to the virus. Normal people who do not suffer from severe immune-decreasing diseases are also overworked or stressed., If the immune system is weakened due to lack of sleep, etc..

Chaum Oh Soo-yeon, Professor Choi’s team 2016year~2018Received a health checkup at Nyeon Chaum 2095for people ‘NKcell activityis being used as an indicator of immunity.conducted research. NKcells are natural killer cells(Natural killer cell)is an innate immune cell that plays an important role in fighting viral infections or preventing cancer..

According to research results, the older NKIt has been shown to decrease cell activity. This phenomenon was observed only in men., Especially 18~40compared to three men 50from generation 70The older you get, the more NKdecreased cell activity.

vitaminDEven if there is a deficiency or lack of exercise NKIt was confirmed that the cell activity was low. vitamin Ddeficiency in men, Lack of exercise had a major impact on women and the elderly. men’s vitaminsD deficiency NKrisk of low cell activity 2.8has doubled, When women don’t exercise 1.9doubled.

Meanwhile 60Older people and older people are both men and women when there is lack of exercise. NKCell activity was low. 60If the age group or older lacks exercise, both men and women NKThe risk of low cell activity 5.6doubled.

Professor Chaum Oh Su-yeonvitamin Dand I knew that exercise was an important factor in immunity, but, This is the first time that a study has been conducted on the effect of each age group.saidvitamins for menDlack of NKas it leads to a decrease in cells, In order to improve immunity, it is necessary to maintain a good nutritional status on a daily basis., Women and the elderly are particularly important because exercise is an important factor in immunity. 2-4each time, 1-2It is advisable to exercise for an hour or so.advised.

This study was published in the International Journal of Immunology published in the latest issue.

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