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Frontline workers against covid-19 began to apply in Guatemala on February 25. (Photo: Juan Diego González)

Guatemala began this February 25 the application of vaccines against covid-19 thanks to Israel that donated 2,500 units and from now on those that have already been paid will have to arrive.

But Israel’s immunizations, from the Moderna laboratory, will be exhausted in 72 hours for the 2,500 workers on the front line of combat against COVID-19 and then there will be days of waiting until more come.

Initially, the Executive believed that the AstraZeneca vaccines that managed the Covax mechanism of the World Health Organization (WHO) would come, but they have not fulfilled in time – they were expected to arrive between mid and late February – of which Guatemala raised a protest to that body.

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Thus, the vaccine that would land most soon is the Russian Sputnik V. According to President Alejandro Giammattei and the Minister of Health, Amelia Flores, 50,000 doses are expected to arrive in mid-March.

Guatemala agreed with Russia four million Sputnik V which, according to Giammattei, after the shipment of 50 thousand, will come in smaller quantities.

Guatemala, which emergency authorized the product, is number 37 that accesses Sputnik V and third in Central America. The vice minister of hospitals Francisco Coma explained today that Sputnik V has a sensitivity of 92%, has already passed the development phases and is being applied worldwide.

The countries of the European Union, Canada and the United States looked with reluctance and considerable doubts to the development of the Russian injection, however, the recent study published by the prestigious journal The Lancet, which corroborates its effectiveness, and the shortage of provisions by Western laboratories begin to break down those walls erected by geopolitics.

In addition, there is an agreement for 900 thousand Johnson & Johnson vaccines – a single dose – that could tentatively reach the end of March.

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If all goes as planned, Pfizer, with whom Guatemala agreed to purchase seven million doses, would make a first delivery in mid-April.

The date and quantity of doses of Covax remains up in the air – initially Guatemala believed that they would give it 847 thousand in a first delivery in February – but the president reproached that this mechanism has lied.

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