When will the iPhone 14 be released / price / color / function public rumors two will increase the price of 5 major specifications exposure

Recently, it has been reported that the iPhone 14 series conference will be held on September 13. The new iPhone will be launched on the 23rd, and Twitter has also exposed the appearance of the model machine suspected of the new color of the iPhone 14. The new purple machine will replace the “Sky” Peak Blue” became the latest color. At the same time, it is also reported that the iPhone 14 Pro series will increase the price, and the starting price of the two high-end models is $100 higher than the previous generation. However, since the current generation has revealed that there will be many upgrades, even if the price increases, it may not prevent fans from changing the phone.

1) Main lens upgrade

It is reported that the main lens sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will use 1/1.3 inches, which is 57% higher than the previous generation wide-angle lens, and can capture details in low light sources. At the same time, the wide-angle lens has also been increased from 12 million pixels to 48 million pixels, and 8K recording is also supported.

iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max rumored to increase prices

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2) Front lens upgrade

In addition to the main lens, the front selfie mirror has also been upgraded. It is rumored that it will support the autofocus function, which will be more convenient and clear when taking selfies. In addition, the 5P lens will be upgraded to 6P, and the aperture will be increased to f/1.9, which will improve the Selfie performance in low-light environments.

3) 2TB capacity

The iPhone 13 Pro Max added a 1TB capacity, mainly for users who often use iPhone to shoot (Apple RAW), and there is news that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will add a larger capacity of 2TB. However, if Lightning is still maintained, it will be more inconvenient to transmit large-capacity data.

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4) Newly designed cooling system

The chip of the iPhone is upgraded every year, but the heat dissipation system still uses the graphite film to conduct heat energy to the casing, which makes the phone prone to heat. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the iPhone 14 will upgrade the cooling system to meet the needs of high-end chip operation and 5G. It is possible to make the VC heat dissipation design, so that the heat dissipation area is larger and the heat dissipation speed is accelerated.

iPhone 14 rumored to have a new purple color (Twitter @atuos_user)

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5) Cancel the physical SIM card

MacRumors obtained suspected internal documents and found that the United States has the opportunity to release the iPhone 14 without a SIM card design and fully use eSIM. However, some foreign media analysts believe that there is a chance to try it first in some regions such as the United States, and it will not completely abandon the design of physical SIM cards.


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