where are the gauges?


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A.-C. Hinet, M.Lecointre, M.Renier, A.-D. Sayada, J.-J. Buty, L. Harper, B. De Saint Jore

France 2

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On Wednesday June 30, the gauges will be lifted in restaurants and cinemas. They will be maintained for large gatherings, concerts and festivals.

Notice to amateurs: farewell to queues in front of the stores. The rule of four square meters per customer will be lifted, no more limits for shopping. Be careful, you will have to continue to respect the barrier gestures, keep the mask and disinfect your hands. The customers are in heaven, and the sales begin the same day.

Professionals are less optimistic. “There’s a state of mind that’s different, everything has changed“, deplores a manager. The end of the gauges is valid for cinemas, theaters, museums, sports halls, and especially restaurants. The gauge of 50% of reception capacities disappears. Consuming at the bar remains prohibited, but the big tables are back. But to get up and move around the hall, you will have to put the mask back on. Finally, for concert halls, there is a gauge: 75% of capacity, and need for a pass. health if there are more than 1000. For outdoor festivals, the sanitary pass or a recent negative PCR test will be requested, and wearing a mask is simply recommended.

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