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Ivona Fialková at MS V Pokljuke.

Author: SITA / AP, Darko Bandic

The President of the Slovak Biathlon Association (SZB) Peter Vozár expressed partial satisfaction with the performance of the Slovak team at the 52nd World Championships.

In Pokljuk, he was most pleased with Paulína Fialková’s 13th place in the sprint and Tomáš Hasill’s first three sections in the endurance race.

The Fialková sisters were supposed to be Slovak irons on fire at the championship, but the coronavirus made a budget cut. After the problems associated with overcoming it and the forced interruption of the season, they are only slowly getting into shape, which was also reflected in Pokljuk.

Nevertheless, Paulína Fialková achieved the best Slovak result at the championship in 13th place in the sprint, but she was unable to follow it in other disciplines. Apart from her, only Michal Šima got to the points positions in individual races, who also took 37th place in the sprint.

Hasilla reached for the result of his life in the longest discipline, after the first three shootings he had zero on his account and attacked the place in the elite ten, but he did not succeed on the second stand and did not hit the first, third and final target. He dropped to 55th place.

“I think that the championship partially met our expectations. We are glad that Paulín Fialková had a nice result, the thirteenth place in the speed race must be evaluated very positively. It is a nice success for Slovak biathlon.

However, it is a great pity that then it was not possible to follow up in the next race, as the fighter did not hit a single target on the last item.

The first three sections of Tomáš Hasilla in the endurance race have to be evaluated positively, when he gave three zeros and even moved around the fifth place. However, it exploded on the last shot. Other results were beyond our expectations, “said Vozár.

Tomas Hasilla.

Tomas Hasilla.
Author: Igor Stančík / slovenskybiatlon.sk

As a result, the team competitions were not very successful either. The men took 17th place in the relay, the women withdrew from the track in the final section and classified them in 21st position. P. Fialková and Hasill also finished in the doubles mix, Slovakia took 18th place in the mixed relay.

“The men did not have a badly started relay, they were around the first half of the starting field and if there were no two penalty laps that Šimon Bartko went to, we could have been at the level of the 12th and 13th place. Violets.

After overcoming the disease Covid-19, they do not fully know how to get into the ideal form, whether running and, consequently, shooting. This probably resulted in the penalty rounds that were running, “Vozár said.

Paulina and Ivona Fialkova.

Paulina and Ivona Fialkova.
Author: Igor Stančík / slovenskybiatlon.sk

Ivona Fialková complained after the relaythat after one of the Frenchmen broke her mallet, no one on the track was on the track to hand her a new one. She had to go through the difficult climb without her, and she came to the second shot exhausted. Her handstand didn’t work out and she had to go to two penalty laps.

“There were two races on the program that day, with men and men following the relay. Our two servicemen were preparing skis for men and two of the Fialk team were not exactly in the area where this collision occurred. It is an unusual event, but it simply happened, “said the president of the association about the incident.

After the World Cup championship, the Slovaks are currently in 17th place, overtaking Belgium by four points. Slovaks are in 19th place, in seventeenth Japan they lose more than five hundred points.

It is the 17th position that is crucial in terms of places in the individual World Cup races for the following season.

“If we finished in 17th place, we would be entitled to four competitors, if we finish in 18th place and higher, we are only entitled to three, as is the case this season.

However, many results will still be cut, so it’s open. We need to go well in relays and mixes in Nové Město na Morave, where from this point of view there will be two key rounds of the World Cup, “he added.

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