«Where I said I say, I say Diego»

Insisting on the intentions with which Pedro Sánchez spun the electoral campaign and on the pills he has finally swallowed those who voted for him on November 10 to reach the presidency, can be another example of a tactic that in Catalonia they know very well Bull fans. Do you remember the deputy in the Parliament David Pérez, the socialist who spent years flying up the defense of bullfighting, encouraging the encouragement of those who in bullfighting felt helpless?

In the time before the debate that led to the illegal abolition of bullfights, there was no forum in which Pérez did not harangue false illusions. He received many awards and recognitions, and it was the white hope that could put an end to the political lie of the ban. But Pérez, used by the PSC, played two bands. “No they won’t move us,” he repeated, although he knew what was left behind. That if the vote in block of the Socialists to the freedom of vote, and in the end, in that July of 2010, the illegal blow of the Parlament.

And worst of all, Perez was still the Pied Piper, while the maneuvers, all underground, in the socialist ranks followed. That if a moratorium a few years before the end, that if a run to the Portuguese, that if a regulation to the Catalan with “the temporary limit to the luck of the rapier” …

In the end, David Pérez disappeared from circulation, in the 2010 regional elections he was placed far behind on the socialist list and did not repeat as a deputy. He was recalled in 2015 and is currently second secretary of the Parlament table. Nothing is known now about his love of bulls. I remember him at the Lyceum itself, at the ceremony for the Party organized by ABC, raising his voice and without blushing to ensure that “the battle is going to be won”. Before and after, history always repeats itself. .

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