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Where in Kaliningrad emergency excavations will take place in early March (list of streets)


In the regional center in late February – early March, utilities will conduct emergency excavations on several streets. This was reported by the press service of the city administration on Facebook on Thursday, February 27.

Excavation warrants issued for work in the following streets:

– st. Lesnaya, 89, emergency repair of the gas pipeline from February 25 to March 10;

– st. Krasnaya, 37-39, emergency repair of the water supply system from February 27 to March 12;

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– st. Belibeyskaya, 20, emergency repair of the power cable from February 26 to March 11.

On Friday, February 28, they plan to complete the repair of heating systems in the lane. Griboedova, 1. Contractors at the end of the work “will restore the disturbed landscaping,” assured the city hall.


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