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INFOGRAPHIC – Thirteen million people worldwide received a first injection of the anti-Covid 19 vaccine around the world. France is lagging behind, forcing the government to review its strategy.

The controversy remains sharp over the slowness of the vaccination campaign in France, where the start of the school year and the return of the holidays, coupled with the threat of new, more contagious variants of Covid-19, raise fears of a rebound in the epidemic.

With 516 people vaccinated on January 1 according to the Ministry of Health (the only official figure to date), the government is accused of having implemented a strategy that is too slow and too cautious compared to some of its European neighbors. With the exception of the Netherlands, which have not yet started to vaccinate – the campaign will not start until January 6 – France is at the bottom of the table behind Bulgaria, Finland and Luxembourg. and Latvia.

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Invited on RTL, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran has promised to amplify his vaccine strategy against Covid-19. “The cruising speed of vaccination in France will join that of our neighbors in the coming days”, he assured. And to add: “We exceeded 2,000 vaccinations on Monday, by Thursday we will increase again very significantly, we will be on an exponential curve”.

If this figure has, according to him, been multiplied “by 50” compared to last week, it remains far below other large countries, such as Germany or the United Kingdom. Indeed, according to the latest available figures compiled by Our World in Data, the British – whose vaccination campaign began on December 8 – have already vaccinated 944,539 people (according to data as of December 27), far ahead of Germany (265,610 to January 3), Italy (128,880) and Spain (82,834).

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Compared to the size of the population, it is Israel which leads the vaccination race by far with 14.1 doses administered per 100 inhabitants, ahead of the State of Bahrain with 3.62 doses per 100 inhabitants. As with the UK, the tiny Persian Gulf state started its vaccination campaign early, starting December 17. In general, with a few exceptions such as Israel, the percentage of the population vaccinated remains very low all over the world. Among the most populous countries on the planet, the United States is doing the best for the moment, with around 1.38 doses administered per 100 inhabitants, almost the same ratio as in the United Kingdom ( 1.39). The United States is clearly ahead of Russia (0.55) and China (0.31). To date, 13 million people around the world have benefited from a first injection of the anti-Covid 19 vaccine, or 0.17 dose per 100 inhabitants, while more than 86 million people have been affected by the coronavirus.

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