Where is Jérôme Boateng going? This is the ideal Bundesliga club

No, there is an ideal Bundesliga club for Boateng

If Jérôme Boateng is expected to leave FC Bayern in the summer of 2021, he will be almost 33 years old – and will have achieved everything. He is world champion and two-time Champions League winner, eight-time German champion and five-time DFB Cup champion – if not even more titles are added by then. And he no longer needs international experience, he was already able to gain it as a player at Manchester City.

Boateng should now rather end his terrific career in Germany – and support his home club Hertha BSC again. Because this is the ideal club for him.

With the currently lackluster, but extremely ambitious capital city club, he could help the other players with his enormous experience and quality of play. In Berlin, Boateng would be a regular player immediately and would not have to worry about being ousted by younger defenders.

At Hertha, Boateng, who left the club in 2007 as a 19-year-old, would be the top star. The fans would love him, the players would look up to him and: he would finally be home again. In the city that he loves so much and visits regularly to this day.

Boateng’s return to Hertha would be something very special. Not only for all fans of the club, but certainly also for the player himself.


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