Where is the beautiful? In the watering can

ELLE Déco offers you a preview of the episodes of the podcast “Where is the beautiful?” »Dedicated to architecture, design and art. In this new opus posted on our site, we tell you everything about the watering can and how to use it properly.

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This week, discover a new episode of “Design on listening”, the meeting around furniture or iconic decorative objects. Today, no cult furniture on the program, but rather one of those everyday objects that we use without really knowing its history. Hélène Aguilar, founder of the podcast “Where is the beautiful? »Tells us about this utensil that every plant lover must have: the watering can. Indispensable for transporting water from its source to plants, it can also be used as flower pots or as a simple decorative object. But did you know that it was originally a goatskin? Fortunately, over the centuries, its shape and material have evolved to find the one we know. This opus is also an opportunity to discuss the importance that must be given to watering plants and to discover some simple tips for taking care of them.

To go further on the subject, Hélène Aguilar also tells us about “oyas”. Microporous terracotta pots to be filled with water which, once buried, allows moisture to diffuse along the roots of plants planted nearby.

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