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Al-Marsad Newspaper: Writer Saleh Al-Shamrani, in an article he wrote in Al-Youm newspaper under the title “Where is the Ministry of Sports and Entertainment…? Do you think they gave it two pills?”, appealed to Al-Ahly fans to pay attention to it and remove it from a level that is not befitting of its history and reputation.

Where are Al-Ahly fans?

Al-Shamrani said at the beginning of his article: Al-Ahly players have failed and the weakness of their successive administrations against him since 2017 and the lack of a role model leader who contains problems and is not the main reason for them. With Al-Faisaly, Al-Hazm and Al-Akhdood, he sometimes gets ahead of them and sits behind them at other times, with chasing from Riyadh and Jeddah, the embarrassment of transportation, and the audience’s pressure on him after the competition intensifies in the last rounds. Maradona played with us, and the intruder canceled a correct goal for Sergio, and Al-Hilal argued over Messi while he had not yet arrived, while Cristiano was present as if he was honey on their hearts, while the big clubs were exposed before them to disasters that almost led them to the ranks of the first class, not once or twice, but rather Even three, including the union, but every time it fails, it strives and its lovers join hands on the heart of men, so they return and life returns thanks to a runway that does not have mercy on the defaulters, whatever their name or drawing, while in Al-Ahly is still singing about the colonel, for all the love that he exchanged with them, except that on the night of landing, he ran out of his skin from the nearest airport, to get away from the suffering of landing.

Al-Ahly needs strong and decisive management

He added: Al-Ahly is now more than ever in need of all its players with strong and decisive management, and what is most important is a very strong financial injection from real honorary members who do not follow their donations from us or harm, or impose control and influence.

And he continued: So let the fans of this club have mercy on their being, so they do not go to extremes by distancing themselves from it, which may waste them, and do not go to extremes by adoring it overtly during the day, while it is in this shaky position, which may waste it in arrogance that you plant in those in charge of it from management and stars who need more accountability and scrutiny. .

Quantum leap

He concluded by saying: Away from a green castle that fell on a cold night in the height of the hot summer, let us talk about a qualitative shift brought about by Vision 2030 in our sport and our related culture. An official player in our league, and the next one will only be Messi and the anecdotes of world stars, with a great sports, media, and cultural movement whose strength shook the oceans and drew necks towards the Great Saudi compass, so do our loved ones realize that thanks to the vision, represented by the Ministry of Sports, Entertainment, Tourism and others, we have advanced steps and are no longer As much as an inch back and not a moment as they think, and that our affairs are good and the goals will soon speak for themselves?? After we become – in fact we have become – the first country in the world with our identity, our religion, our language and our progress, which will shoot the arrows of the enemies with the scourge of remorse for their absence from our lavish scene of peace, love, security and life for long past times.

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