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MACBOOK PRO. The new MacBook Pro model comes in two versions. Find out what’s new, their release date, available prices and where to pre-order.

[Mis à jour le 19 octobre à 16h18] You were expecting a new MacBook Pro at the Apple conference: here are two! The Cupertino company surprised the majority of its fans by unveiling two powerful chips that will equip its new MacBook Pro computers: the M1 Pro and M1 Max. These allow the new models to benefit from a power never seen on a device of the mark.

14 “or 16”, the choice is yours. The new MacBook Pro is available with two screen sizes depending on your needs. Speaking of screen, that of this new version has thinner bezels except for the new 1080p camera housed in a small dedicated notch.

While waiting for their official release in the coming days, discover the characteristics of the new MacBook Pros, their price, their release date, and where to pre-order them at the best price.

M1 Pro and M1 Max. This is the name of the two new processors unveiled by Apple during its Keynote on October 18. The Cupertino company took the opportunity to lift the veil on its new MacBook Pro. The latter are notably equipped with two screen sizes: 14 “and 16”. Are you going to fall for a MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro chip? Or the M1 Max? The choice is yours and will mainly depend on your need for power. Apple promises up to 3.7x more power compared to its older models.

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The new MacBook Pros have a battery life of around 21 hours (depending on use), which makes them among the best students in their category. It also has a new built-in 1080p camera compatible with ProMotion technology. They are no longer equipped with the famous Touch Bar, but with a more classic Magic Keyboard and adapted to fast keystrokes.

The new MacBooks have no shortage of options to meet your needs. The latter remain in a fairly high price bracket, since they are aimed at professionals. Different options can also allow you to take advantage of more storage space for your machine.

  • The new 14-inch MacBook Pro is available from 2 249 €.
  • The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is available from 2 749 €.

The new MacBook Pros are already available for pre-order on the Apple Store and soon at official resellers. You can already get your hands on your copy to receive it when it officially launches on Tuesday, October 26.

The new MacBook Pros will be available very soon! It is already possible to pre-order your copy on the official Apple store. Specialized resellers like Amazon or Fnac should soon roll out their own offers, and we will keep this article up to date. The new MacBook Pro will be released on Tuesday, October 26, or one week after the launch of pre-orders.

This new MacBook especially improves its performance compared to its predecessor. Apple informs us in particular that this new model surpasses the previous MacBook Pros in many areas, whether it is the compilation of projects, code, vector data processing … So many extensive operations in which this new model particularly shines.

The new MacBook Pro also has solid battery life. The 14 “model promises up to 17 hours of video playback, which is seven hours more than the previous generation. The 16” model is no exception and has 21 hours of video playback, which is 10 hours more than the previous generation. with its predecessor.

The screen of the new MacBook Pro has thinner bezels! Its camera is now located in a small dedicated notch which is reminiscent of the iPhone 13. This will allow you to have a little more space for your content, especially videos with a quality up to 8K !

Exit the Touchbar! Apple returns with a more classic black aluminum keyboard. The latter is always accompanied by the famous Force Touch trackpad from Apple.

This new MacBook Pro is equipped with a Liquid Retina XDR display, a first for the range. This technology, which already equips the iPad Pro, promises a very high level of detail in the shadows, more intense light tones, ever deeper blacks and more vivid colors compared to the previous generation. This new screen also benefits from a refresh rate of 120 Hz adaptive according to your applications launched and your battery requirement.

One of the latest Apple laptop models is the MacBook Pro M1. The latter was released at the end of 2020, and more exactly in November. As its name suggests, the MacBook Pro M1 is equipped with one of the best processors of the firm called “M1 chip”. It allows Apple to have a powerful in-house SoC, and therefore easy to handle and improve.

The MacBook Pro M1 is available in several versions depending on your storage needs and screen size. The latter is available from € 1,449, but regularly has very interesting promotions throughout the year. You can find the different models at several specialist dealers such as Fnac or Darty.

The MacBook Air is a slightly more accessible version of Apple’s famous laptop. The latter is notably not equipped with the famous navigation “Touch Bar”. If it remains less powerful and has a lower autonomy than the MacBook Pro, the Air is still an excellent alternative for the most modest budgets. This will give you an Apple computer that is easy to use every day and more affordable than the MacBook Pro.

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