which actors double the characters in French version?

Like any animated film, Hôtel Transylvanie lives thanks to the actors and actresses who lend their voices to the characters. Find the list of French voices in the casting.

[Mis à jour le 19 avril 2020 à 20h45] An animated film lives on thanks to the dubbers who lend their voices to the characters staged. Hotel Transylvania is no exception to the rule. And if the actors and actresses who lend their voices in the French version of the film are not necessarily well known to the general public, their voices they are. In the role of Count Dracula, we find actor Serge Faliu, very active in French dubbing: he usually lends his voice to American actors Adam Sandler, Chris Tucker and James Marsters. In terms of animation, he doubles the Donkey in Shrek, scare me! and The Shrektacular Christmas of the Donkey, but also Killian in Les Incognitos. Dracula’s daughter Mavis is voiced by Belgian actress Virginie Efira, best known for her roles in cinema (Sibyl, Un amour impossible, Victoria, Le grand bain …). The character of Jonathan is interpreted by the animator and humorist Alex Goude (Le Grand journal, La France a un incredible talent, La Maison Lumni …). Find below the full cast of French voices from Hotel Transylvania:

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