Which celebrity has the most beautiful feet? The math determines it

And the winner is… Meghan Markle by 95%, with defined feet as close to perfection. These are the results of the study of the orthopedist and founder of the YouTube channel, which he carried out together with the popular Dr Kenny, cites The Sun.

Doctors made a list which included eight celebrities with lthe most beautiful feet. To do this, the doctors compared the proportions of the feet of the stars with the rule of the golden section: According to the mathematical formula, the proportion of 95% of all parts of the foot of Meghan Markle matched the ideal. Only the arch length of her foot 97 percent matches the golden section rule, the highest among the eight celebrities.

The ancient Greeks claimed that there was a golden ratio to all things when they approached perfection, says Marion Yau.

At second place on the list was the British actress Emma watson, whose result according to the same criteria was 91%. The television star followed Kim Kardashian 89%, the actress Mila Kunis 88%, the television presenter Holly Willoughby 84 %, the model Molly-Mae Haig 81%, the actress Michelle Keegan 80 % and the television presenter Jacqueline with 79%.

In case of Kim Kardashian it was a time controversial, since it was said that he had six fingers in a photo from last October. He had to upload a photo to Instagram to disprove the hoax. It was explained that what people believed to be an extra toe was, in fact, the side of their foot.

“I hope I have answered the question of my supposed ‘sixth’ toe. Because I only have five toes on each foot,” he said.

In early January, the head of the aesthetic and plastic surgery clinic in London, the Dr. Riccardo Frati, did the same experiment with faces of the starss. According to the same rule of the golden section, ideally, the ratio of forehead, nose and chin should be 3: 2: 3. So it turned out that television stars Holly Willoughby and Suzanne Reed are endowed with almost perfect proportions.


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