Which film to choose to scare your loved ones at home?

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  • No candy door to door this year, but no way to miss the pumpkin festival anyway.
  • “20 Minutes” offers you a selection of films most often available on physical media and on platforms to get you in the mood.
  • And some accessories to go with it.

Ready to celebrate Halloween ghouls, ghosts and other monsters? Yes, of course, although the stroll through the streets in search of goodies is likely to be rather quiet this year.

20 Minutes still offers a selection of films to thrill those around you without leaving your home. (Almost) all of them are accessible at once in streaming DVD via a few clicks. And you can even replay the film at home with the handful of accessories that we recommend. So grab your favorite bonbecs and let’s go!

If you are surrounded by children under 10

So there, obviously, we will have to take it slow. There are two wonderful possibilities available to you. The Nightmare Before Christmas by Henry Selick is the ideal film to enchant the youngest with singing and dancing monsters in a universe created by Tim Burton. The saga Hotel Transylvania by Genndy Tartakovsky is also a success in the field of laughter around a cute vampire and his friends.

The accessories
For The Nightmare Before Christmas : a pumpkin to carve to pay homage to the hero. For Hotel Transylvania : vampire dentures to try to say “blablabla” like Dracula without spitting out his Tagada strawberries.

You celebrate Halloween with teens

Welcome to Zombieland and Back to Zombieland by Ruben Fleischer are right for you. The hunt for the living dead of a group of merry drilles armed to the teeth is irresistible and rhythmic. With an irresistible Woody Harrelson, dynamic Emma Stone and Bill Murray as a bonus! Bursts of laughter and shivers guaranteed. On the entertainment side, we can’t recommend enough Zombillénium by Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducors on an amusement park run by an evil entity.

The accessories to provide: For Zombieland : water pistols (firearms are prohibited in France). For Zombillénium : daddy’s bard to have the impression of being in an amusement park.

You are between adults

His House by Rémi Weeks (only available on Netflix from this Friday) is a real good surprise. Sudanese migrants there are haunted by a wizard and horrific memories of civil war. The director oscillates between creepy dreamlike and even more terrifying reality in an anxiety-provoking atmosphere. Funny Games by Michael Haneke is also a must see adult horror film. Whether it is the Austrian version from 1997 or
American 2007, the sadistic killers who massacre a family make you want to double-lock themselves at home.

The accessories
For His House : a doll and a barbecue (to summon the spirits without setting the house on fire). For Funny Games : a golf club, white gloves and eggs (you will understand why when you see the film and you will be relieved that you are not allowed to visit your neighbors).

You are with the loved one

The rebels of the year 2000 by Narcizo Ibanez Serrador is going to have a lot of fun as long as you have a black sense of humor. A couple try to escape murderous children on a sun-drenched island, and you’ll look at the pinatas differently after seeing this Spanish horror classic. L’Abominable Dr Phibes Robert Fuest is romantic at will, if one considers romantic to see Vincent Price take inspiration from the Seven Plagues of Egypt in order to avenge his wife. It’s totally crazy and incredibly British.

The accessories

For The rebels of the year 2000 : a life-size mannequin (unless you prefer to use your spouse (e) but we do not recommend it), a rope and a stick. For L’Abominable Dr Phibes : a violin (preferably white otherwise cookware will also make music).

You are alone)

A Ghost Story by David Lowery is not really scary but he shares the loneliness and anxieties of a lonely specter which is perfectly scary in these troubled times. Casey Affleck moves even under the sheet of this ghost whose desperate wandering fills the heart with poetry and darkness. Invisible Man of Leigh Whannell is also a good idea to have the impression to share the adventure of Elisabeth Moss as a woman persecuted by her ex whom she cannot see (obviously, he is invisible!). After this film, you will feel happy not to be (badly) accompanied!

The accessories
For A Ghost Story : a white or flowered sheet with holes for the eyes (like that… you can haunt yourself: practical). For Invisible Man : no need for accessories since it cannot be seen. Just shout out loud (but not too loudly, otherwise beware of the men in white).

You are a “roommate”

Between friends, it is forbidden! But not as a roommate … Evil Dead by Sam Raimi sees the holidays of a group of friends turn into a pure nightmare. These morons read the Book of the dead and fail to get rid of the aggressive and spiky creatures that they have awakened. Halloween under any version whatsoever is obviously circumstantial even if we have a weakness for that of
John Carpenter. See people being slaughtered by the imperturbable
Michael Myers is always festive.

The accessories

For Evil Dead : the Book of the dead (order it in “click & collect” to support small business). Okay, this book doesn’t exist. Pity. For Halloween : a mask and you have it, even if you’re not a psychopathic killer armed with a butcher’s leaf.

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