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The “confrontation” between Nintendo and Valve, the two giant stars, seems to be hot right now. Valve announced the portable PC game machine “Steam Deck” on July 16th. The game on the Steam library, which was previously only available on the PC, is now attracting attention as it can be played anywhere. A 7-inch liquid crystal display is placed in the center of the housing, and cross keys, analog sticks, and ABXY buttons are placed on the left and right. It also has a trackpad. From the design that seems to fit in your hand, you can see the high portability of the hardware.

At the same time, the appearance of Steam Deck inevitably reminds me of another piece of hardware. Yes, it’s the Nintendo Switch. The appearance is not the only thing they have in common. The LCD of Steam Deck is a multi-touch display and also supports gyro operation. Furthermore, about a week before the announcement of Steam Deck, the new Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) was just announced. Since there are many points of agreement, there was an article comparing the two in overseas media immediately after the announcement (PC Gamer/Mashable). And as early as on the net, there seems to be a “discussion” about which of “Steam Deck vs. Nintendo Switch” will win.

Let’s take a look at the earliest confrontation between the two, right after the announcement of Steam Deck. Below is a “comparison” image of Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, and for some reason PlayStation Vita, posted by Twitter user Mon. As a result of consideration, Steam Deck and PlayStation Vita win. The Nintendo Switch has even been defeated by the PlayStation Vita a generation ago. What was the dividing line? “Whether or not you can play” Persona 4 The Golden “” is one of them. The work was released as software for PlayStation Vita in 2012, and has advanced to Steam in 2020. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Nintendo Switch.

Even so, the comparison conditions are too sloppy. This throwing “confrontation” was well received online, and the post received 5,000 retweets. Since then, Ogiri has been booming on the net, where each person confronts Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch under conditions that are too arbitrary. Overseas bulletin board Reddit user Migz616 seems to be considering both with an issue in another work. “Steam Deck” can “play” League of Legends “, Nintendo Switch” can’t “play” League of Legends “.” Therefore, the victory or defeat is “the victory of Nintendo Switch”. It’s a bitter irony that, while citing Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, it actually made League of Legends a spearhead.

According to another Reddit user, memer0512, the outcome of the two games is “both win.” Because “both can play Hentai games”. Steam has accepted works including adult expressions since 2018. Although filtering is still strict, “adult” and “metamorphosis” tags are also available, indicating that their existence is acceptable. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch has a higher hurdle for sexual expression than Steam, of course. However, there are quite a few works with the theme of sexy expression, such as the “Senran Kagura” series and “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Scarlet” being released in Japan.

In addition, a ported work “Hentai vs. Evil” from Steam work has also been released for overseas, and it was surprisingly reported that the game with “Hentai” in the title was accepted by Nintendo Hardware (Nintendo Life). Although the actual age designation is 17 years old or older, the content is confusing, such as being able to make female characters topless in the game.

The news that impresses the composition of “Steam Deck vs. Nintendo Switch” seems to involve information about the actual hardware performance. That’s because Valve’s hardware engineers have told us that Steam Deck is less prone to “drift” phenomena (Related article). The drift phenomenon is a problem in which an input operation is performed without permission even though the user has not touched the analog stick.

While reports have been raised on Xbox controllers and PS5 DualSense, the most prominent case is drift in Joy-Con of Nintendo Switch. In some countries, the cause of the drift phenomenon and Nintendo Switch is not shallow, as it has developed into a class action proceeding against Nintendo. The fact that Steam Deck is taking on the drift head-on may have contributed to the impression of the confrontation between Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. But it’s only a long time since it was released that the Steam Deck analog sticks won’t actually drift.

The domestic launch of Steam Deck has not yet been announced. However, in the video introducing Steam Deck, it was also confirmed that there is a technical suitability mark on the back side of the main body (0:40~), It can be seen that it is considering the release in Japan. Since Valve’s hardware products such as VALVE INDEX and Steam controller have been sold domestically at sites and retail stores operated by Degica Co., Ltd., there is a possibility that Steam Deck will be distributed with an intermediary in between. .. I would like to decide whether to actually win the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch after getting both hardware. I hope that both hardware will be distributed smoothly in Japan.

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