Which NFL fan base is the most angry about the free agency?

NFL Free Agency is said to be a time for optimism and joy.

Maybe your favorite team ended up with the pass rusher or cornerback that you hoped would sign. Or it has a new recipient and you refresh the team store page to see when you can order a jersey. You cannot wait until the start of the season.

The free hand has a downside. Some teams have seen a lot of talent. Others have made some signatures that everyone knows don’t work. And for some really unfortunate fans, Bill O’Brien runs their franchise.

There has been a remarkable amount of remarkable player movement since Monday, when the so-called legal manipulation period began. And some fan bases are crazy.

Bear fans have not been able to be enthusiastic in their off-season. (AP Photo / Nam Y. Huh)

Bear fans have not been able to enjoy their off-season so far. (AP Photo / Nam Y. Huh)

Which fans are the most upset? Let’s check:

San Diego Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars

Just kidding, these teams have no fans. Headlines such as “Chargers are planning to launch Tyrod Taylor” and “Jaguars lose yet another key player” simply disappear in the air. The Jaguars actually have fans and they are quite loud. Please take the joke and don’t write me a message. But the part about the chargers is true. You have no fans.

New England Patriots (sorry, no)

You won like a billion championships this century. You have no right to be crazy even if Tom Brady is gone and there is no word about a replacement. So let’s get to the teams that really tortured their fans …

Chicago Bears

Bear fans were no longer angry with Mitchell Trubisky, but angry with practically everything. Jimmy Graham? Ask Packers fans about him. Robert Quinn had a good year, but had had it four years earlier and only got $ 70 million to replace Leonard Floyd, another failed top 10 choice. And then, after being connected to any possible quarterback for a few days, the bears traded for Nick Foles. Foles takes the title of the next guy that Chicago fans will complain about until Halloween.

Los Angeles Rams

Dante Fowler. Michael Brockers. Eric Weddle. Cory Littleton. Nickell Robey-Coleman. All of them left this off-season. Leonard Floyd was signed, but he was mostly disappointing as he was in the top 10. Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks have been mentioned in trade rumors, and Gurley could be cut short. This is what it looks like if you go all-in and miss. And for the fourth (!) Year in a row, the Rams have no choice in the first round. This is a serious outflow of talent.

Detroit Lions

Matt Patrick’s infatuation with former Patriots players is fun for most and a nightmare for Lions fans. The Lions signed a defensive duel against Danny Shelton and linebacker Jamie Collins and then exchanged it for defensive defender Duron Harmon. All former patriots. You’ll go with the defensive ending Trey Flowers, cornerback Justin Coleman and receiver Danny Amendola, more former patriots. At that rate, Steve Grogan will be Detroit Quarterback until April. In news where former Patriots players are not represented, the Lions signed the former Eagles against Halapoulivaati Vaitai (four starts in the past two years) for $ 50 million over a five-year period, and were close to that Exchange top cornerback Darius Slay for Philadelphia. Yikes Lions fans have been through a lot, but nothing could have prepared them for the Matt Patricia era.

Carolina Panthers

Three of the biggest stars the Panthers have had in the past decade were Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly and Greg Olsen. There was nothing the Panthers could do about Kuechly’s retirement after the season, but Newton and Olsen were pushed out of the door. Both Newton and Olsen had to make it clear that it was not their decision to leave. It made the organization look like it was misleading its fans.

In addition, the Panthers exchanged security guard Trai Turner, cut off the security of Eric Reid and let the defense against Gerald McCoy, cornerback James Bradberry and pass rusher Mario Addison run in the free hand. Teddy Bridgewater was a good signature, although many people wonder if he can be more than an average quarterback. At this point, the new owner David Tepper appears to be one of those impatient owners who prefer change because of the change.

Houston Texans

The Texans have gotten so bad at everything that someone has leaked that DeAndre Hopkins was looking for $ 18-20 million a season, probably to make him look greedy and make her instantly notorious trade look better … and most sensible people do Finding $ 18 million -20 million for Hopkins was perfectly fair, making a terrible deal even worse. The Texans cannot even throw mud without screwing it up. Not to mention Michael Irvin’s claims about Bill O’Brien’s comments on Hopkins before he was traded. I’m sorry, Texan fans, if the property comes out of hibernation and finds out that it was a bad idea to give O’Brien endless power over the organization, the franchise will be set back by years. Poor Deshaun Watson. He deserved better. All Texan fans too.

Which fan community is most afraid after a few days of free agency?

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