Which of these future Apple services would appeal to you the most?

After Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple News + or even Fitness +, Apple certainly does not intend to stop there. It is more than likely that the manufacturer will continue on a momentum that generated 53.7 billion dollars last year (+ 16% compared to 2019) and recorded a total of 585 million subscribers. Not bad, but could do better!

While waiting for the Apple to unveil its game, the fine limes of Wolf Ventures – a house created by the unspeakable Gene Munster to whom one owes the Apple TV saga never released – have conceived several services that Apple could launch soon. Loup Ventures’ pedigree means that we won’t take all of these assumptions at face value, but there are some in the heap that seem plausible.

This is the case of Podcasts+, a premium offer with exclusive podcasts. We know that Apple has been investing for several months in the podcast sector to better compete with Spotify (read: Apple hunts talent for original podcasts). With a logical integration into the Podcasts app, available on all Apple platforms, an Apple TV +-style price of $ / € 5 per month, and the interest that podcasts are currently arousing, this service has potential. sure to know the content of the content).

More unexpected but not totally eccentric, Loup Ventures also imagines a service Stocks+ (Bourse +), which would allow stock marketers to obtain more information on the stocks in their portfolios. Above all, this service would offer the possibility of buying and selling its titles, the Apple taking its small com ‘in passing. In view of the jungle in this sector, seeing a player like Apple getting started would be enough to reassure small investors.

Health is ” Apple’s greatest contribution to humanity », Said Tim Cook in 2019. Why not go further and launch a paid service in this area? However, it is difficult to trace the contours of what would be Health+, or Santé + at home, but the manufacturer has the means to democratize medical equipment and ” give everyone the opportunity to manage their health », Again according to the CEO (read: Apple, future private health service).

Apart from the massive investments needed to the Titan project, Apple continues to take a very close interest in travel and could capitalize on its mapping service. Maps+, or Plans +, would offer more detailed itinerary suggestions and the service would be closely integrated into the hypothetical Apple car.

On the productivity side, Loup Ventures describes with Mail+ an e-mail and appointment management service that is more efficient than what the Apple currently offers. No doubt with the injection of a large dose of artificial intelligence that would help to better organize his days.

Of course, this is all highly speculative, but it’s Friday so we have the right. Which service would be most likely to appeal to you out of all of these?


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