which one is the most resistant?

What if we let go of an Apple iPhone 13 Pro and a 20-story Nokia 3310? A youtuber took the test.

iPhone 13 Pro vs Nokia 3310: which is more resistant?

Few years ago, the 3310 has resurfaced. If the Nokia 3310 is a worldwide success, it is for many good reasons, starting with its design. Everyone will agree, the Nokia 3310 is a legend, symbol of a whole generation, it is also known to be the most resistant of cell phones. We are not talking about recent 3310, but from the original.

As for the iPhone 13 Pro, it has been strengthened compared to its predecessor. The glass back and the front face are in Ceramic Shield (trade name for Gorilla Glass Victus from Corning from Cupertino).

The 20-story fall

What happens if we drop these two phones from the top of 20 stories? The Nokia 3310 was violently separated into several pieces, with the removable battery and the shell. The iPhone 13 Pro is in one piece, it is the back glass that is broken, on the other hand the smartphone remains functional despite everything. We recommend that you do not repeat the exercise at home.

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