Which Planet Is Closest to the Sun?

TRIBUNPADANG.COM – What planet is closest to the sun?

What planet is farthest from the sun?

The question above is a question of Thematic Book grade 6 sd theme 9 page 3.

The following is an answer key Thematic Book intended for parents as a guide.

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Key answer to theme 9 class 6 page 3

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Heavenly Bodies Around Us

The universe has many galaxies with different shapes. A galaxy is a group of stars that are bound by the force of gravity. The galaxy consists of many planets that surround it. The Milky Way Galaxy is a galaxy where humans live. The Milky Way galaxy is a spiral. In it there are very many celestial bodies.

In the Milky Way galaxy there is our solar system. Our Solar System consists of eight planets that circle the Sun. Apart from planets and the Sun, the solar system also consists of satellites, asteroids and comets. Let’s take a closer look at our solar system.

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