Which potatoes to choose for the raclette + tips to keep them warm

Which potatoes to choose for the raclette + tips to keep them warm

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Which potatoes to choose for the raclette + tips to keep them warm

It’s winter, the official raclette season! A dish that we particularly like for its simplicity. Because making a successful raclette party is easy: you just need to choose the right ingredients! Starting with the essential potatoes. Which variety to favor? How best to cook them? And how to keep them warm? Discover all our tips!

Current Cuisine – Which potato for which dish?

The perfect potato varieties for raclette

Unthinkable to serve your raclette accompanied by potatoes which disintegrate and turn into mash at the first stroke of a fork … To avoid such a culinary drama, it’s quite simple: just choose a potato of a firm flesh variety. These are then potatoes that stand perfectly during cooking.

Our advice: choose the Charlotte, la Ratte, la Chérie, la Belle de Fontenay or Amandine! The Roseval, a little rarer, brings a touch of color to your plate and a delicately pink flesh. Otherwise, know that any potato stamped “Steaming” or “To pan” will be suitable.

How many potatoes for the raclette?

It’s difficult to assess the greediness of your guests, and, therefore, the right amount of potatoes for your raclette! So that everyone can refill themselves and thus eat their fill (or according to their gluttony!), Count 3 or 4 medium sized potatoes per person , i.e. between 300 and 400 g.

If possible, choose potatoes from same caliber so that they all cook evenly, and avoid very large ones, which may cool before they are finished!

How to cook potatoes for raclette?

No question of making your meal indigestible with fried or fried potatoes! With raclette, we opt for cooking potatoes fat free. Three options available to you: at the steamer in a steamer basket (the most healthy), with boiling water (called “English style”) or in the oven in baking paper. Your potatoes should be cooked through and tender.

Not sure whether or not to peel your potatoes before cooking? We generally recommend serve the raclette potatoes with the skin on: if they are early varieties, it is so fine that it can be eaten without problem.

Otherwise, choose them organic preferably and brush them carefully before cooking. It is then a matter of taste: those who wish can peel them.

Cooking the potatoes for raclette with the skin on preserves them and prevents water from seeping into them; in the oven, the skin protects them from excessive heat.

The trick to keeping potatoes warm!

For serve your potatoes hot during raclette, some steam cooking devices have a “keep warm” function: this is a practical option, but be careful not to overcook the potatoes!

You can also count on the good timing of your baking in the oven and serve the potatoes, always wrapped in their foil at the end of the cooking.

Finally, the last solution is to place your cooked raclette potatoes in a bowl and place everything in a bain-marie, in a large container filled with boiling water, directly in the center of the table.

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