which products to buy to get real bargains?

A study by a price comparator shows that it is sometimes better not to buy during this promotion day, which will fall on November 26 this year.

Every year, the same question: should you rush on the internet and in stores on Black Friday – which falls this year this Friday, November 26 – to do your Christmas shopping at the best price? The price comparison Idealo published a survey to sort through the interesting promotions and the rest, and maximize its chances of realizing a real bargain. As a result, certain categories of products, such as televisions or laptops, are really cheaper during Black Friday. But other products, like smartphones, are sometimes even … more expensive than usual.

According to Idealo, this year, “51% of French online shoppers plan to take advantage of Black Friday” for an average budget of 250 €. The survey shows that Internet users mainly bought technological products, household appliances or beauty products in 2020. It was smartphones that first attracted buyers, followed by televisions and headphones. Tablets and connected watches complete this very “Tech” top 5. In all, 32 of the 50 product categories identified by Idealo were cheaper in 2020 during Black Friday than a few days before or a few days after. And 14 were more expensive.

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Promotional televisions

In detail we note that the best deals are to be found on televisions, 16% cheaper on average on Black Friday, but also speakers (-12%), PC mice (-9%), PS4 games (-7%) and laptops (-7%). The biggest discounts observed by the site in 2020 were for a computer keyboard sold at -60% and a microwave at -57%.

Conversely, some products were more expensive in 2020 during Black Friday than in the days before or after it. This is the case for graphics cards (+ 14% on average), consoles (+ 7%), Lego (+ 2%) or smartphones (+ 1%).

“We notice that over the years, Black Friday is no longer the only day on which it is possible to get a good deal”, notes Anna Perret-Silberberg, Idealo’s communications director. And to give some advice on how to best prepare for Christmas. “You have to look on several sites before making your purchase, put alerts on the prices of products and observe the price evolution curves to see if you are getting a real good deal.”

Be careful, however, shortages linked to the covid-19 epidemic have already caused the prices of certain products to skyrocket compared to 2020. Indeed, over the period from August to October, wooden toys were on average 86% more. expensive in 2021, graphics cards 68%, play areas and gantries 24% and speakers 24% as well.


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