which provinces have local elections, what is elected and when is the vote

In addition to the national elections, in 2021 there are also local elections in several provinces.

In addition to the national elections, in 2021 there are also local elections in several provinces.

Apart from the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (PASO) on September 12 and the general on November 14, where half of the seats in the Lower House and a third in the Senate will be renewed, in several districts there will be this year renewal of provincial positions provincial legislatures and in two provinces, Santiago del Estero and Corrientes a new governor will be elected. In the case of Misiones and Jujuy, the provincial elections have already been held.

The provinces with elections before the national ones


In Missions the elections were held on June 6th. There, 20 local deputies and the mayor of the Salto Encantado municipality were elected. Facing the national elections, missionary citizens must elect three new deputies.


In Jujuy the provincial elections were held on June 27th. 24 seats of deputies of the Jujuy Legislature were renewed. The Frente Cambia Jujuy, of Governor Gerardo Morales, obtained 18 seats, while the Frente de Todos obtained six.

There was also a replacement of half of the positions in Deliberative Councils of 26 municipalities and 31 municipal commissions. Jujeños will return to the polls to elect three national deputies.


The next August 15th in Jump 12 senators and 30 local deputies will be elected, in addition to 343 councilors. In addition, in the Aguara commune, residents will have to elect mayor after Jorge Prado was removed from office by the Salta Senate after the accusation of the theft of pipes from the NEA Gas Pipeline.

In addition, the people of Salta will have to elect 60 conventionalists for the partial reform of their provincial Constitution. In September, they will elect three national deputies.


Two weeks later, august 29, the province of Corrientes will elect a new governor; in addition to 15 deputies and seven senators for its Legislature. In the framework of national elections, citizens must vote for three members of both chambers, respectively.

Districts where local elections coincide with national ones

Santiago del Estero

The last province to define the date for its provincial vote was Santiago del Estero. As in Corrientes, a new governor will also be voted in that province. The current provincial president, Gerardo Zamora, ordered that the elections be held on November 14th, the same day as the general elections.

In addition to electing the national deputies, the people of Santiago will vote for the positions of governor, lieutenant governor, 40 provincial deputies, 137 municipal commissions and mayors in the cities of Atamisqui and Clodomira.

Buenos aires city

  • 3 national deputies
  • 30 Buenos Aires legislators

Buenos Aires (Province)

  • 35 national deputies
  • 69 provincial deputies (in the Second, Third, Sixth and Capital Electoral Section)
  • 23 provincial senators (in the First, Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Electoral Section)
  • 135 municipalities will vote Councilors and School Counselors


  • 3 national deputies

  • 3 national senators

  • 21 provincial deputies

  • 8 provincial senators (for the departments Ancasti, Antofagasta de la Sierra, Capayán, El Alto, La Paz, Paclín, Santa María and Tinogasta)

  • Deliberative Councils and candidates for mayors in the municipalities of Mutquín and Los Altos



The Rioja

  • 2 national deputies

  • 18 provincial deputies (8 in the capital; 3 in the Felipe Varela department; 3 in Rosario Vera Peñaloza; 1 in Castro Barros, 1 in Facundo Quiroga, 1 in Sanagasta; and 1 in Vinchina)


  • 5 national deputies

  • 3 national senators

  • 24 provincial deputies (8 seats from the first district; 6 from the second; 5 from the third; and 5 from the fourth)

  • 19 provincial senators (6 seats from the first district; 5 from the second; 4 from the third; and 4 more from the fourth)

saint Louis

  • 3 national deputies

  • 23 provincial deputies (10 from the Juan Martín de Pueyrredón department; 3 from Junin; 3 from Gobernador Dupuy; 3 from Coronel Pringles; 3 from Belgrano; and 1 from General San Martín)

  • 4 provincial senators (Departments Ayacucho, Belgrano, General Pedernera and General San Martín)

Santa Fe

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