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Which streets are going to be cut? Who can pass? Lisbon’s questions to Medina


Catarina Teixeira is 77 years old, but young ideas. It is part of the Misericórdia Residents’ Association and endorses the Lisbon City Council’s project to remove cars from the Baixa area, by creating a Reduced Emissions Zone (ZER). You are thinking about the environment, the pollution of the capital and the future of the younger generations. And, even if a “little bit afraid” of how the change could affect the elderly and the ease of access to their homes in an emergency, awaits “improvements”. “I am in favor. Citizenship is needed”, he tells DN, at the end of the first public presentation session of ZER, this Thursday, in the space of the Parish Council of Misericórdia.

The house was full. Residents, family members, traders, tour operators mobilized to ensure that Fernando Medina, Mayor of Lisbon, knew his concerns. The sense of traffic on the streets and conditioned places raised the tone of voices, without forgetting the issue of visits to residents and the limitations imposed on operators of uncharacterized vehicles from an electronic platform (TVDE), such as Uber or Bolt, while taxis can continue to move freely.

Opinions differ widely. Not everyone applauded the opinion of resident Catarina Teixeira. There were those who asked to speak: “They are making my life miserable. I am already taking steps to leave” or to speak of public insecurity with the decrease in the movement of cars. Fernando Medina was available to listen to criticisms and make changes to the project – which should only be approved in March and the regulation sent for a period of public consultation -, but made it clear that he wants to move forward with the idea and that there is no other alternative. to reduce the amount of pollution in this area. “This is perhaps one of the most important proposals with which we are working on this municipal mandate”, the mayor referred again.

During a presentation, before Question Time, Fernando Medina announced that Avenida da Liberdade and Avenida Almirante Reis exceed the maximum limit of carbon dioxide emissions proposed by the Paris Agreement by 50%. “Pollution is an invisible enemy”, he pointed out and promised to reduce it with measures that are within his reach. It wants to meet the environmental goals, reducing traffic congestion. Faced with the pollution caused by Lisbon Airport, the Cruise Terminal and the real impact of these measures, Medina said that the city continued to “have to solve a problem associated with car pollution”.



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