While Erik Rubín had a sexual encounter with Salma Hayek, this is how Andrea Legarreta rejected Luis Miguel

Andrea Legarreta admitted she was fascinated by Luis Miguel (Photo: Cuartoscuro)Andrea Legarreta admitted she was fascinated by Luis Miguel (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín are, without a doubt, one of the most loved couples in the middle of the show in Mexico. They got married in the year 2000, just a few months after starting dating; However, their relationship has been so strong and solid that to this day they are married and have two daughters.

However, that did not save them from have your own romantic story well before getting married. Recently he has transcended an interview with Erik Rubín where he revealed a few love stories he had in his youth and where actresses such as Angelica «la Gaviota» Rivera and Salma Hayek.

De Rivera even mentioned that it was the first romantic relationship that he had with a famous one before all the others that were known to him. In his own words, “La Gaviota was before them all. Plus me dating Angelica It was when we introduced Celina to Benny, because the four of us were hanging out».

In the 90s they starred in a love triangle (Instagram)In the 90s they starred in a love triangle (Instagram)

Meanwhile, regarding Salma Hayek surprised many Internet users who not only could have something with the international actress, On the contrary, he did it under the influence of a drug: “I was on marijuana and a cake fell on me”. Although later he explained that it was the one night experience and that “Salma is amazing, I love her, I love her and never saw her again.”

However, they weren’t the only women in Erik Rubín’s story before you find the love of your life. He also came to talk about love triangle that caused a small argument between Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán to have the heart of the ex-Timbiriche. In this regard, he pointed out that “With Paulina we went something else, but the bastard * had a boyfriend”, that’s why he also started to have his meeting with Silvia Pinal’s daughter.

With all of the above, maybe it was a little surprising that a rebellious boy as it was, Rubín will end marry Andrea Legarreta who, it seemed, was much more reserved with his life. The interpreter of Ya nada es equal also explained it in this interview: “We show ourselves as we were. As is and spiritually and there I realized I wasn’t going to find anyone else. “

Andrea Legarreta to this day also continues to stand out with her great beauty (Photo: Instagram by Andrea Legarreta)Andrea Legarreta to this day also continues to stand out with her great beauty (Photo: Instagram by Andrea Legarreta)

But what about Andrea Legarreta? She never denied that Erik Rubín is the man of his life and although had a few boyfriends before the actor and singer, they were never known in show business. Of course, among his anecdotes, one in particular stood out; that is to say, when Luis Miguel invited her to dinner.

In an interview with Adela Micha, Legarreta He remembered the Mexican Sun as the good fanatic that he was: “Luis Miguel fascinated me. Since I was a child, I have bathed in Luis Miguel. Suddenly, we met at certain events and I was drooling ”.

It all happened when Hoy’s star pilot he was in Acapulco with his family. Apparently they were eating in a fairly local pozolero restaurant. It was then that, out of all possibilities, they crossed paths with Luis Miguel and his people. Andrea recalled: “He was very cute, very decent and Hello to my family».

In his youth he worked on successful soap operas such as Alcanzar una estrella (Instagram: andrealegarreta)In his youth he worked on successful soap operas such as Alcanzar una estrella (Instagram: andrealegarreta)

It seems all this happened by a third party, since it was the custom of the Mexican Sun to do this with possible appointments so that “If you say no, you say to the boy and not to him”. Guilty singer’s subordinate or did not explain that there was a dinner that night and the actress was also invited.

However, despite the emotion generated by being with Luis Miguel, had to reject the proposal. The reason? Legarreta clarified that at that time i had a boyfriend and that he did not consider that it was correct accept dates with another man, even if they did nothing that would compromise her and, even more, it was one of his idols.

Time later, Andrea Legarreta would regret having said no to one of Mexico’s most talented gallants. Says that lasted 7 years with her boyfriend and he had to end this one because he had been unfaithful.


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