world "While I am president there will be no parent...

“While I am president there will be no parent one and two”


Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, Assured today that, “while he is president”, Marriages between people of the same sex in the country will never be legalized. “As regards the number one parent and number two parent, I have already pronounced myself publicly and I say it once again: as long as I am president there will be no parent one and two, there will be a father and a mother,” he said when he presided over a meeting of the working group that studies the amendments to the Constitution, according to local media.

Putin thus responded to the proposal of the ultraconservative deputy Olga Batálina to include in the Constitution the traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Batálina recalled that only ten years ago nobody could imagine that the words “father and mother” would be replaced by the concepts “parent number one and parent number two”.

“It is a reality in some countries. This has aroused the desire of some authors who have sent their amendments. They want to state in the Constitution that the family is the union between a man and a woman,” said the deputy.

Conservative moral

In this regard, Putin responded that this proposal is doubtful and referred to the families in which it is missing one of the parents or both. “And if it is an incomplete family? Then what? We are going to specify some questions. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman and the family is a little different,” he said.

Putin, who since his rise to power 20 years ago has supported the conservative morality promoted by the Russian Orthodox Church, has always expressed himself categorically against the homosexual union. “Homosexual marriages do not produce children,” said the head of the Kremlin, who used to preach against “genderless and sterile” liberalism.

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World News :

International agreement

Among other measures, it forced countries such as Spain or Italy to include in the adoption agreements signed with Russia the condition that Russian children could not be adopted by homosexual and single couples.

Although homosexuality ceased to be a crime in this country in 1993, Putin enacted a law against homosexual propaganda – including gay pride marches – on the grounds that it can represent psychological and moral harm to minors.

Putin, who separated in 2013 from his wife Ludmila, with whom he was married for 30 years and has two daughters in common, should leave the Kremlin in 2024.



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