While Unreal is threatened, competitor Unity goes public

You could hardly imagine a better time to go public. Unity Software, creator of the video game engine competing with Unreal, filed an IPO file on Monday (initial public offering). Unity is used in thousands of games, including Very used By mobile developers: Half of the 1,000 most popular games on iOS and Android were made with Unity. According to documents provided to the SEC, the policeman of the US Stock Exchange, the platform has 1.5 million monthly active “creators”, and it is used in at least 50% of the PC, mobile and console games on the market.

Image : Unity.

Last year, Unity Software recorded a loss of $ 163.2 million, for revenue of $ 541.8 million (revenue up 42% from 2018). In the first half of 2020, the company posted sales up 39% to $ 351.3 million, for a loss of $ 54 million. Unity derives the bulk of its revenue from service subscriptions and revenue sharing with Unity games. The company is valued at around $ 6 billion.

Unity Software was founded in 2004 in Denmark; the group is currently led by John Riccitiello, the former CEO of Electronic Arts. The company did not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the bickering between Apple and Epic (the creator of Unreal) to appear in its best light with investors: Unreal and the thousands of developers who use the engine could indeed suffer serious consequences if Apple withdraws Epic’s developer account.

« Without access to SDKs, APIs and other tools [de développement d’Apple], Epic would be unable to develop future Unreal Engine updates for iOS and macOS, and that would force us to shut down the Unreal Engine on iOS and macOS. », a Explain Tim Sweeney, founder and boss of Epic, in the publisher’s complaint against Apple. Unreal developers could look to Unity to continue offering their games on iOS.


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