WHO announces good news: pandemic slows in Europe for first time in months

In total, nearly 1.85 million new cases were observed last week, according to data released Wednesday in Geneva by the World Health Organization (WHO) and which carry until Sunday morning. This number is down 10% from the previous week.

Another indication, Europe again brings together less than half of new infections.

However, the organization itself conceded that it was not immune. The WHO admitted that five collaborators who saw themselves were infected among dozens of contaminations it had to face. The UN secretariat in Geneva is also affected, with around 30 new cases recently.

The situation on hospitalizations also remains tense. The number of new deaths in Europe is the fastest growing and exceeded 29,000 last week.

Besides this region, only part of Asia, the only area where the number of victims has slowed, has also been able to rely on a drop in new infections, as the pandemic has grown by 6% in total worldwide. This is accelerating very widely on the American continent, by more than 40%.

On the death side, the Western Pacific follows Europe. The number of new victims has increased by more than 10% worldwide. In total, more than 1.3 million people have died from the pandemic. And the number of cases exceeds 53 million.

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