Who are the 4 stars of the future who will play the final of the Copa Libertadores between Santos and Palmeiras are worth and how many million

Gabriel Veron, Yeferson Soteldo, Gabriel Menino and Jorge Kaio

Santos and Palm Trees are ready for the Brazilian final of the Cup Libertadores from America, which takes place this Saturday at the legendary Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. The finalists arrived in the former Brazilian capital on Wednesday with the bulk of their teams to prepare for what will be the third final between teams from this country in this competition.

Both casts have proven to be superior to their rivals in most of the previous matches and with their styles they have managed to avoid powerful opponents, such as River Plate and Boca Juniors in the semifinals. The paulistas have a coincidence in the 11 that usually stop on the pitch and that is that there are several young talents.

Although the paulista groups They have experienced players, their top stars are footballers who are barely over 20 years old (some are not even that old) and that is why the leaders of both clubs know that Europe and the main markets are placed in them.

Santos comes from beating Boca Juniors 3 to 0 in the semifinals (Reuters)

Santos comes from beating Boca Juniors 3 to 0 in the semifinals (Reuters)

In the team led by Alexi Stival (Cuca) stands out Jorge Kaio, just 19 years old, who in the last U-17 World Cup, held in 2019, scored a goal in the final for Brazil to be champion and was awarded the Bronze Boot for his five goals in the tournament. The forward is already in the sights of Juventus and has a buyout clause of USD 60 million.

The other great promise is already a reality and it involves nothing less than Yeferson Soteldo, also star of the selection of Venezuela, who is observed by Los Angeles Galaxy from MLS. The midfielder who also works as a hitch is 23 years old and renewed his contract with him Santos until 2023, so whoever wants to take it must seduce the club financially and pay more than USD 10 million, which is the estimated value for your transfer to the specialized site Transfermarkt.

Palmeiras hope to keep the trophy (Reuters)

Palmeiras hope to keep the trophy (Reuters)

On the side of Palm Trees, stands out Gabriel Boy. The 20-year-old made his debut in the 2020 Florida Cup, a friendly tournament won by the Verdao in the United States, after having participated in 2019 with an insipid Brazil in the South American U-20 in Chile, in which the Canarinha he stayed out of the World Cup in Poland. Since then he has won a position as a starter as point guard or even as a lane, where the Portuguese coach used it on some occasions Abel Ferreira.

For his performance, the young man attracted the attention of clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester City, so the leaders provided it with a clause of USD 72 million. “First I have to write a beautiful story here at the club, leave my mark here, my titles,” he declared in the preview to the AFP news agency: “At the right time I will be in a big one in Europe. One step at a time”.

Gabriel Veron is another youth to take into account because with just 18 years a Premier League horizon is looming. Although he is right-handed, he can play as a winger for both bands and his main qualities, in addition to speed, are dribbling and luxuries, these that led him to receive the nickname of the “new Neymar”. For that reason and because the nose of the Manchester City and United were close to him, the Palm Trees He renewed a contract with a clause also for USD 72 million.

He Verdao also has a talent like Patrick de Paula, 21 years old. The young man was not in the rematch of the semifinals due to injury against River Plate and the midfield felt his absence, because his game is vital in the team and this has been warned by the Benfica, a club that found itself with an exit key of USD 100 million.

Both casts arrive at the end of the Libertadores, the third among Brazilians after Athletico Paranaense-San Pablo in 2005, with victory for the São Paulo tricolor, and San Pablo-Internacional in 2006, with the triumph of the Colorado gaúcho. They have not won a game in their last three outings at the Brasileirao. Santos he lost all, although in two matches he played with substitutes, and Palm Trees fell in two and tied in the other, also using alternate payrolls. Whoever wins today will win the Cup.


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