Who are the candidates to succeed Boris Johnson, the current British Prime Minister?

Resignations continue in the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government, who is still clinging to power despite the collapse of his popularity, while observers wonder about who will succeed him in the event of his removal. Agence France-Presse report the names of the candidates for this position.

Rishi Sunak

The finance minister, the first Indian to hold the position, announced a surprise resignation that put him among the front-runners to succeed Johnson, whose popularity has been riven by his wealth and his wealthy wife’s tax arrangements that have sparked discontent in the midst of a purchasing power crisis.

Sunak, 42, whose grandparents migrated from northern India to the UK in the 1960s, was an analyst at Goldman Sachs and later worked for speculative funds. before becoming an MP in 2015.

Sunak, an advocate of Brexit, took over as finance minister in 2020, but has been criticized for taking insufficient measures to stem price hikes.

Sajid Javed

The Minister of Health, who submitted his resignation from the government on Tuesday, the second time that he announced his resignation, as he had previously resigned from the position of Minister of Finance in 2020.

Javid, 52, voted in 2016 to remain in the European Union, but later joined the Brexit camp. He is the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver who became a famous banker before entering politics.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace

His popularity has surged amid the Ukraine crisis, and he is considered an outspoken and competent figure, and is seen among the Conservatives, although he has always denied being interested in leading the Conservative Party.

Penny Mordaunt

She was Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, was a figurehead in the 2016 Brexit campaign and has since worked on negotiating trade deals.

Mordaunt, 49, is a reservist in the Royal Navy, an eloquent fiancée, and according to some opinion polls, her popularity has recently increased among conservatives and is seen as a difficult figure in the event of the prime minister’s resignation.

Jeremy Hunt

Former Foreign and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, 55, lost to Boris Johnson in the 2019 election to lead the party.

A friend of Johnson and David Cameron at Oxford, and who taught English in Japan, he is one of the few people to openly defy the prime minister in last month’s vote of no confidence. However, he is not considered a strong personality.

Liz Terrace

Her outspokenness and willingness to meddle in the culture wars made Secretary of State Liz Truss very popular with the Tory base.

Terrace, 46, was given the sensitive position as a reward for her work as international trade minister.

In that position, the free trade specialist who voted to remain in the European Union before moving to the other camp struck a series of post-Brexit trade deals.

Nazim Al-Zahawi

The new finance minister is highly respected among the British after the success of the vaccination campaign against the Corona epidemic that he oversaw.

He was born in Baghdad to Kurdish parents in June 1967 and immigrated to the United Kingdom at the age of nine. He founded the market research firm YouGov in 2000 and resigned after ten years to enter politics and was elected MP.

Appointed in September 2021 as Minister of Education.

Tom Tugendhat

The chairman of the House of Commons foreign affairs committee was the first to announce that he intended to run if Johnson resigned.

Tugendhat, 49, served in his country’s forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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