Who are the two Argentine assistant judges who will lead Racing and Defense and Justice and will make history in the Copa Libertadores

A piece of news generated a revolution in Avellaneda. Less than a day for the presentation of Racing in the Liberators cup versus Montevideo National (match to be played at 5:00 p.m. in the Cylinder) the referees who were appointed to administer justice in the match obtained positive results in the tests of coronavirus.

Brazilians Anderson Daronco (main judge), along with his assistants Fabricio Vilarinho, Rafael Alves and Bruno Arleu (fourth official) were isolated in a hotel in Buenos Aires after learning the results of the tests PCR that were carried out in the previous of the commitment between Argentines and Uruguayans.

The striking thing is that their replacements will be members of a quartet that involves the Chilean Cristian Garay (initially appointed as fourth official for the clash between Defense and Justice against Delfín), as the main referee and his assistants will be Christian Schiemann (also from Chile) and Argentina Mariana De Almeida; while the one designated to take the place of the fourth official will be Fernando Echenique. For its part, in the duel between the Falcon and the Ecuador team will be Daiana Milone next to the lime line.

By Almeida She was studying sports journalism and, after taking some regulation classes, she decided to start studying to be a judge with the aim of “have more foundation when giving an opinion”. From day one, she decided she wanted to be an assistant. “13 years ago, when I started, we were not many girls and it was logical that it seemed a bit strange to them, more in a difficult environment such as football”, He recalled in dialogue with Infobae.

The way of By Almeida (36 years) has an upward development similar to that of his colleague: he entered AFA in 2006 and two years later he achieved designation as an international assistant. Her first steps were in the children’s and Reserve categories, and later. make the leap to the top men’s and women’s divisions. He France World Cup 2019 It was her second international senior women’s competition, after having been in the appointment of Canada 2015. She also participated in the Japan U20 World Cup 2012 and in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games, among other tournaments of great importance.

While, Daiana Milone explained how his beginnings were in Today Fem is played: “I spent several Sundays sitting in front of the television watching football, it was my father’s professionalism that led me to share the same dedication and devotion to this sport, when I was 16 I accompanied him to direct a Boca – River And being on the field and seeing it full of people I really liked the idea of ​​doing the same as him. Then, it was only a matter of time, while I finished school I did the refereeing course, which was easy for me because since I was a girl I already watched and played football ”.

The modifications of the appointments of the referees in the matches of the Copa Libertadores

Racing vs Nacional

Referee: Cristiann Garay (Chile)

Assistant 1: Christian Schiemann (Chile)

Assistant 2: Mariana De Almeida (Argentina)

Fourth official: Fernando Echenique (Argentina)

Defense vs Dolphin

Referee: Roberto Tobar (Chile)

Assistant 1: Claudio Ríos (Chile)

Assistant 2: Daiana Milone (Argentina)

Fourth official: Nicolás Lamolina (Argentina)


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