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There were still a few points of uncertainty. Announced closed in the enhanced alert zone, gymnasiums and swimming pools will finally be open to minors who practice sport in clubs and associations, the sports ministry said on Friday (September 25th), after a meeting with the players. of the sports world.

EPS courses in schools will also continue and the facilities will remain open to high-level athletes and STAPS students.

Outdoor swimming pools not affected

On the other hand, adults in these areas will not be able to go to the gymnasium or the indoor swimming pools from Saturday, September 26, the date on which the measure comes into force. They will have to play sports outdoors. Guest of France 2 on the set of “You have the floor” Thursday evening, Prime Minister Jean Castex also clarified that outdoor swimming pools were not affected by the restriction.

This announcement thus clears the vagueness of Olivier Véran’s statements on Wednesday evening at his weekly press conference, during which the Minister of Health unveiled a new map of the pandemic. He then indicated that in the enhanced and maximum alert zones, sports halls and gymnasiums would be “Closed” because this “Are important places of contamination”.

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A measure that had caused great concern in the world of amateur sport, which has just started its comeback. Discussions must still be held between town halls and prefectures for the adjustment of these restrictions.


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