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Who do we want the Department of Health to manage?


Seeing the anger of some opposition leaders with the electoral call in Galicia on July 12, I have consulted with friends and family of all possible political sympathies what they think and everyone, absolutely everyone, recognizes that the beginning of summer is the best time to hold elections. It is common sense and also recommended by doctors. To none it seems to be nonsense. There is no guarantee that we will be free of coronaviruses in July, but the possibility of regrowth grows in the late summer.

Why, then, in sulking that we have seen in some leaders with the elections? Leftist politicians and socialists speak of “recklessness” and are radically opposed to our exercising the right to vote. Either they are terribly afraid of what we say at the polls or perhaps they dreamed of being part of an autonomous government with the formula of the party table with which they would gain access to the Xunta without winning elections. What we think the Galicians do not care.

That alone could explain the lack of coherence of the PSOE. In the Basque Country it is okay to vote in July, while in Galicia the Xunta endangers all Galicians for calling elections that were suspended in March.

Let us hope that over the days those who have not yet fallen from the cherry tree do so and begin to make proposals about what they want for Galicia and abandon the coronavirus monotheme at once. For their own interest, also, because in this campaign it will not be enough for them to criticize the Xunta de Núñez Feijóo but they will have to justify how they have managed the crisis where they govern. Socialists and Galicia in Common in the Central Government, the BNG as a strategic ally.

The political frenzy is no longer worth it. People are not stupid, and especially in difficult times they want certainties. Who do we prefer at the head of the Ministry of Health? We want to answer that question and we are going to do it on July 12. .



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