WHO Estimates New Corona Vaccine Ready Fastest Early in 2021


World Health Organization (WHO) experts say don’t expect vaccines Corona virus COVID-19 can be used immediately until at least early 2021. This was stated by the head of the WHO emergency program, Mike Ryan.

In a public event broadcast on social media, Ryan said WHO will continue to ensure that vaccines are distributed fairly.

“We are making good progress. Realistically, it will be the first before we see many people being vaccinated,” he said, quoted by Reuters on Thursday (07/23/2020).

Ryan said, WHO will continue to work to expand access to this potential vaccine and help to increase its production capacity.

“We have to be fair about this (vaccine), because this is a global item. This pandemic vaccine is not only for the rich or poor, but for everyone,” Ryan said.

In addition to the vaccine issue, Ryan also continued to warn about reopening schools until the COVID-19 transition period was controlled. According to Ryan, the community must work together to be able to control pandemic this is so that children can go back to school.

“Because if people can control this disease, schools can be reopened immediately,” he explained.

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