Who is Anya Taylor-Joy, beyond Lady’s Gambit?

Who is Anya Taylor-Joy, beyond Lady's Gambit?

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Who is Anya Taylor-Joy, beyond Lady’s Gambit?

Anya Taylor-Joy: also known as the 24-year-old Argentine-British actress whose career escalated after the recent success of the series Netflix Lady’s Gambit. Before playing the role of the orphan girl who discovers herself as a born chess player and becomes famous for winning sports championships around the world, Taylor-Joy was part of (and in many cases starred in) a series of dramas and thrillers, as well as lead a romantic comedy released in 2020. These are some of the films by the young actress that may interest you if you liked her performance in Lady’s Gambit:

The Witch

Set in the 17th century, in the New England region of the United States, this film is one of mystery and suspense. Tell the story of a Puritan family that, upon being exiled, settles on the sides of a remote forest. There they are totally removed from society and survive thanks to their farm. As soon as one of the five children – the baby – disappears without a trace while the older sister takes care of him, the family dynamics change completely. While almost everyone accuses Thomasin of being distracted and losing the boy, she will do her best to find him safe and sound. What he ends up discovering, however, is something much bigger than he imagined.


Morgan is a young woman created by a bioengineering company. Although she appears to be an ordinary teenager, she is an artificial being with superhuman abilities that evolve very quickly, which could cause great damage worldwide if not rigorously controlled. When her creators begin to notice that she does not respond to human control As expected, they hire a specialist in solving corporate problems. She must evaluate Morgan and define if it is necessary to destroy her or if, on the contrary, she does not represent any potential harm to humanity.


This movie is the sequel to Unbreakable, the film by the same director –M. Night Shyamalan- from the year 2000. It tells the story of Kevin Wendell Crumb, a man who suffers from multiple personality disorder and has 23 different identities identified that coexist within it. Among these are Hedwig -a 9-year-old boy-, Patricia -a firm and authoritative woman-, Barry -an aspiring fashion designer- and Dennis -an obsessive compulsive-. As a result of his disorder, Kevin’s history accumulates several moments of violence that have happened in the past. And, although he hides it from his psychologist, the treatment is not very helpful since he continues to present difficulties to control who has control of his head. The problem arises when one of his most troublesome personalities takes control, leading him to kidnap three teenagers and lock them in a bunker.

The movie of suspended, which also has supernatural elements, illustrates the terror that these girls have when they discover that not even their abductor is completely aware of what is happening, because he does not have the power to be present. As the most dangerous personalities prevail over the rest, the lives of the victims are at risk, as is that of Kevin himself.


Also from filmmaker M. Shyamalan, Glass is a crossover of the two films mentioned above: Unbreakable and Split. In addition to Anya Taylor-Joystars Sarah Paulson, James McAvoy and Bruce Willis.

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In this film, the main characters are three: Elijah Prince –a disabled person living under sedation in a mental institution– David Dunn -a security guard with superhuman abilities- and Kevin, with his 23 personalities. When the latter kidnaps a new group of women, Dunn takes the case in his hands and manages to rescue the victims. However, in doing so, he runs into “The beast“, the most powerful personality that lives within the accused. This confrontation leads to both the police and a psychiatrist trapping them and confining them both in the same mental institution where Prince resides, to cure them and then be able to reintegrate them into the society.


Of all the titles mentioned so far, this is the only one where Taylor-Joy it moves from the dramatic or mysterious to something more naive.

Emma is the new film adaptation of the renowned work by Jane Austen. It tells the life of Emma Woodhouse, a wealthy 21-year-old who lived her entire life in Highbury – a small (and rather boring) English town. Without much to do with her days, the teenager discovers that it is very pleasant to match her friends and family and play wedding.

With bold colors, upbeat music and lively performances, the film, with its laid-back tone, follows Emma’s successes and failures in matching Highbury partners, as well as recounting her own face-to-face encounter with love.

The future is very promising for Anya, who has already signed a contract for three upcoming films: Last Night in Soho (to be released in 2021), Mad Max: The Wasteland (in 2023) and the new film by David O. Russell, of which The name and gender are not yet known, but the cast, which is made up of names such as Robert De Niro, Margot Robbie and Rami Malek, is known.

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